Sunday, July 10, 2016

Reunion weekend 2016/Peterboro re-enactment

Cazenovia College / Encampment in Peterboro
Cazenovia and Peterboro, NY
June 11-12th 2016

Reunion Time!!! I had not been to excited about attending this year. I have had so much on my plate of late and every weekend has been jam packed. Mary convinced me so here I am. Goodie's start off the day. Once again we were staying on campus in one of the suites. Sadly lacking are Jeanine and Kelly. We really did have a great time last year. This year was pretty fun too I must say.
It was raining for some of the morning, but we were able to enjoy breakfast inside and some bag pipes.

After breakfast Mary and I headed to Peterboro for their annual weekend encampment. Civil War time.
Mary wearing a confederate cap.
Period clothing can be purchased in this makeshift store. The funny thing about all of the re-en-actors at this event is they are so true to their characters. They speak as if they are those people and offer discussion around the time. This guy was very friendly and answered all of our questions. I found all to often that asking questions of some of the re-en-actors opened a door to NEVER ending. This guy was quick about it, I asked about the wooden shoes, as I thought those were a dutch thing. Well apparently not,
Mary had wanted to come to the event to specifically attend this presentation around a true to life move. The movie (although not very successful) plans to re-surface within the year. (You currently cannot purchase it on DVD or see it in a theater.) here is a clip below.

The presenters were actually related to the main character. The story starts out something like as a child hearing about her great great great grandfathers war diaries. Finding such diaries and doing tons and tons of research. A film producer hearing about this amazing man and wanting to do a movie.
I have not seen it, bit it sounds pretty interesting.

You are in the presence of Mary Todd Lincoln, (yes the one married the the President) a civilian (he actually never did tell us much so he could be important and some special something but we never heard) and Lieutenant General. (I think that was his tittle.) His story was long but confusing. I didn't ask questions as it seemed to only make me more confused. He was in the south, but married a women from the North, fought for the North or no maybe it was the south. He was very old (for those days) when he enlisted, and was also an attorney or some kind of businessman. Really Yes I was clearly NOT paying all that much attention. "Say cheese".

The honest truth is as fascinating as all of this history is. I am truly NOT aware of what was really happening during the time period. History in school left me thinking Christopher Columbus came to this country with the Pilgrims, and right after the Boston Tea Party war broke out over slavery and it was the North vs the South. (This was how our elementary brains were taught.) On a side note I also thought dinosaurs co-existed with the cavemen (Haven't you seen The Flintstones?) Of course I now know that there is NO correlation to these and they were all different periods in history, but my point is (although I have visited Gettysburg) I really am clueless.
This is like taking the word VOLUNTEER to a whole new level. 
Mary and I also spoke with this women. She is NOT a nurse. She is a women who assists a Dr. or cares for the sick. She explained her position and showed us all of her traveling instruments. 
The rest are random pictures from the area. Even some of the children get in on the act.

The recruits (This is the Confederate side) in training.
I imagine some of them were as young as these guys too.
Up next Mary and I learned about the Underground railroad. (Another elementary school misnomer: There really is NO railroad).
Re-circling the encampment I took some more pictures,

and we found old Honest Abe Lincoln getting interviewed.

Mary bought this book and got it signed by the author. (Below)
He asked me to take this picture.
After all this history we were sure HUNGRY and just our luck there was a chicken BBQ happening at the firehouse. This had to be the best meal I had all weekend. YUMS!!!
After our fill of the Civil War we headed back to the Cazenovia Campus and made it just in time for Paint and Sip.
You paint the glasses while you sip on some alcoholic beverages.
Our final product. Mary's is based on the reunion theme Red White and Blue....I made what is suppose to be a Thirsty Owl.
No need to leave your seat, just grab another beer and lets play BINGO!!

Nope Not my NUMBER!!!
Cakes were made while we were at Peterboro. Cute hun!
A short break before cocktails.

and Dinner.
I clearly need some HELP!!!

Some dancing.
and later down at the Caz Bar Karaoke.

WOW what fun was had. Great time at the 2016 Reunion.