Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Girls Glamping Weekend: Pleasant Lake Campground

Pennelville, NY
August 26th-28th
Pleasant Lake Campground.

I had discussed a girls glamping weekend several times over the years. I had also tried to coordinate a weekend of camping a few years back only to have it be me, the boys and Mary and her boys. The fact that we pulled it off was a big deal. After searching for a much needed cabin, and a few unavailable's or only 4 adults in a cabin (we didn't want to break the bank) our little camping weekend was only 4 initially so I am super glad we didn't pay extra money for a second cabin at one of the places, one wanted a weeks commitment, and that was a big "No". (I was certainly ready to go home after the weekend was up. )
Finally we found this gem just 8 miles and 14 minutes from my house. It worked well distance wise and convenient to everything,
I arrived hours before the rest of the girls. (Thinking everyone would be there right behind me.) Set up camp and waited.....Decided to take a walk to the lake...upcorked some wine and waited some more. 
I took a pic of this little gem. 
I am certainly not an expert on rating campgrounds and I can't say much to the fact of hooking up to water/electric etc for RVs, but I thought this place was super cute, It is small...really small, and the RV's seemed a little close...not close like stacked in a parking lot close, but close enough to know your neighbors...which was possibly the thing I learned was the best about this park. Knowing your neighbors. Everyone was so friendly. The community was the absolute best part of this campground. Throughout the weekend we got to be a part of that community and it was super.
There is a lake (although I was not told) I assume it is Pleasant Lake. It's a nice inlet off The Seneca river (I am also assuming such.)
Our cabin. They were tiny. I don't know exactly how six of us would have fit, The interior had a full bed and a bunk. But it worked for us.
Here's an indoor shot. Small yes.

About three glasses of wine later, the girls started to show up. All un-packed and ready for our crock pot dinners we started a fire,
Yeah...that didn't go so well.

Epic fail..and we had to resort to starter logs. We eventually got it going.
Aah....relaxation. Dinner of chicken wing dip and chips, meatballs, chips and alcoholic beverages...Perfect!

Down the ways we heard music. I actually thought it was a radio or something, but when we were invited to join in on the party, we found it was an unusual band....
Their music was pretty good. We all enjoyed singing along.

(I tried to add Doreen's video did it make it?

I even got to see an owl. Okay so he's not real, but we did see a ton of wasps,..who tried to make our cabin their home. (They were taken care of.) and a frog who scared the be-jehus out of me...

Some how we all found sleepytown. I guess the beds were not so comfortable. I slept fine until I had a charlie horse that threw me out of my sleep and dancing around the cabin floor. Sorry girls....
Breakfast and morning came to soon. I had made a crockpot breakfast bake for the morning meal. The morning brought on sluggish movement and a realization that we needed more ice. Renee and I took the 5 minute drive into Liverpool and hit up a Walmart. Saved!
 A few card games and some more relaxation and it was soon time for lunch.
After lunch a trip to the lake,

There is a nice swimming area and a dock. There were also plenty of boats, kayaks, and the like but they did not appear to be something we could use. Great location to put your own boat in if you had one.

Saturday proved to be pretty HOT, but none of us ventured into the water past our calves. 

I have always been fascinated with Lilly pads. Home to the frogs...I could almost imagine a Lilly pad large enough to walk on across the water. They are simply such an interesting plant and look one solo flower.
The office entrance.
That afternoon was a chili cook off. Although we had not made an entry, we were invited to act as judges, Anti-onion, peppers and tomatoes...I skipped the samples...but I fell in love with the most amazing piece of corn bread. YUMMMMMMMYYYY!!!

Renee judging.

Tammy was very serious about her judging,  
Soon it was dinner,,,,Glad I wasn't full from the chili..look at all this food!
Doreen's friend and now ours, Kellie came up for a visit...and stayed for the night.
Carol came up too and Kellie turned out to be an expert fire starter.

Renee and Carol.
Doreen and Kellie
Me and Tammy
Fire going...time for some s'mores.

We met some more of the neighbors. Here's Carol and Tammy with our new friend Tina,

Hanging out enjoying each others company. Before long the "band" was playing again and we made our way up to the office for some musical fun,

We had some fun, a few pranks were pulled. H2O dumping fail, and a banging on the bed at night. Lots of drinks, lots of food and a ton of fun. It was certainly a great time. We have already started discussing next year,,,,

Me in my "Vadar" mask.