Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cedar Point: Sandusky OH

Castaway Bay/Cedar Point Ammusment Park
Sandusky OH
July 6, 7, 8Th 2016

Originally we had discussed this summer's big trip to Disney World in conjunction with my CTMH convention (in hid-sight, IT WAS SO HOT) I am grateful, then finally Washington DC was decided. I've been several times as has Mark, but the boys have never been. In fact I had already booked a hotel and plotted out the weeks sight seeing activities, presented the boys with a touring book and scanned google for areas I have not been and would like to go.
  Around Mid June however, the discussion arose that perhaps DC was not what people were interested in seeing. Truth be told, the boys are getting older, the older two have already dis-engaged in "family" vacations off living their own vacationing lives, and Ben graduates next year, so this may be our last multiple children "family" adventure for a while.  (Grandchildren perhaps some day...NO RUSH mind you.) We do have a cruise coming up in November, but this was not a "usual" family vacation so it doesn't count.
I personally have had my fair share of theme parks. (although I would definitely go to Disney again, and would NOT pass on a trip to a theme park if offered). BUT in all honesty, I am no longer a roller coaster, spinning around, up and down scream till you puke kind of gal any more. However, when Disney was botched, and DC was a no thank you any longer. Our last vacation with both the younger boys had to be a theme park, and why not the Roller Coaster Theme park of the WORLD?
After our fun time at Niagara Falls and the 4 hour drive briefly through PA and into Ohio, we made it to Castaway Bay. One of the many Cedar Point resorts. Despite some of the negative reviews about checking in. We checked in rather quickly and started our vacation fun right away.

Along with an outdoor pool and not so hot hot tub they feature an indoor water park. We never made it into this pool while visiting.
But it sure looks inviting.
The sky struggled to let the sun in. The clouds won. We were okay with that. There was so much to do inside that a little gloomy weather couldn't stop us.
Back inside I caught up with this guy. It's Linus with his blanket.
My kids would have nothing to do with him or posing for a picture, but I can always count on my husband to support me. Thanks Mark.
We found Linus in the resorts gigantic game room. This became the boys second location spot over the three days we stayed. Just look at those Dum Dum prizes. Ben actually got himself the Airheads from all his tickets.
After a tour of the resort and making decisions about where and what we would be doing for the evening. We all decided that lunch seemed so long ago, dinner would  be the top of the to do list.
Right on Castaway Bay property is a Quaker Stake and Lube restaurant. Just a walk down the hall and we were there ready for dinner. We traditionally try and go to eateries that we would unlikely find in our area, but I was surprised to learn that the Quaker Stake and Lube that was once located in Syracuse is now gone. (from what I understand it was never properly franchised or something like that).
Although not a new place for us, we still enjoyed the multi choices of wing sauce and can you guess? I had a burger.

After dinner the boys were entertained with all things arcade games while I took a look at the evening activities indicating that Snoopy would be available in the club house for story time before bed,

You know I had to check that out. This time I get in the picture. Okay so it was a horrible shot. After all this chic was here to read stories to little kids not entertain 40 something year old women.

Games done, visit with snoopy, bellies full. Whats next? A trip to the Water Park of course.

The boys had a great time in this little play area, where they could swim around and play basket ball.

A few trips down the water slides.
 Much to old. Per the boys. (Although I really wanted to go play in this) for the water ropes course and cannons. Instead they opted for the indoor outdoor amazing family sized hot tub.
I found myself a nice seat and waited for the wave pool to start making waves.

 It was a long day but a pretty GREAT one too. Tomorrow we hit up the Theme Park: Roller Coaster Capital of the World Cedar Point,  This shot was taken from our balcony.

Day 2: Theme Park time

We started out our long day at the Breakfast Buffet. (Included for an extra fee in our stay). While eating we got a feel for the park layout. Although it doesn't appear to be that large. This park is gigantic.

We got to get in an hour earlier then the general admission due to our staying at the resort. Also included with the resort  (This was not an inexpensive trip.) was FREE admission to the Cedar Point waterpark. (We never went, and it really wasn't free when you add up all the prices, but anyways....)

We also got FREE parking. Which was a good thing cause the parking isn't cheep. We drove the 10 minute drive from the resort to have our eyes come upon the endless skies of twisted metal. WOW!!!Look at those coasters.

The boys had discussed a few of the coasters they were interested in riding. I was simply along for the support. No way was I getting on ANY of these coasters. In fact I really didn't ride much of anything all day, There is 71 rides in total and 17 of them are roller coasters. Cedar Point is the second oldest theme park in the United States beginning it's amusement sometime in the 1870s.

As we were able to enter earlier then the park general admission, we were able to make our way towards some of the more popular rides. Both the boys were just a little unsure about taking on a big rollercoaster right off the get go, so they agreed on the Gatekeeper.

(it still looks pretty scary to me.) Pic taken from the internet.
Up next we all made our way to the newest roller coaster the Valravn. The line was SOOOOO long. We waited at least 45 minutes before I watched as several of the 10am entrance people came running in to get their chance at this featured coaster. 

There they go. They were in the last row center. you can just see Gavin's head.

Next they rode the Blue Streak.
After that I lost count.
As the day progressed the HEAT climbed. We all got ourselves refillable cups. This was a Godsend and we all had our share of multiple fillings.

The park seemed endless. We walked for ever and tried several different rides. Mainly Mark and I waited as the boys took off to ride yet another coaster.
Once in Frontier town we got a glimpse of this guy. I would have enjoyed spending a little time at some of the shows, but we basically ran from one place to the next in an attempt at getting onto the next rollercoaster.

We did get a short bit of this performance. We didn't stay long enough to even get the plot.

We all went on the train ride.

The train serves as both access to another section of the park as well as an enjoyable ride with some great skeletons featured along the ride.
Here we all are on the train.

We ended our day near the exit and discussed plans to return to the car to get items for the water park. Finding it was all the way on the opposite side of where we were parked we opted to go to the water park in our hotel instead. It was so hot we were convinced that it would be a crowded nightmare anyways.
Once back at the resort and cooled off. We made plans for dinner at Steak and Shake! YUMMY!!

The evening was spent enjoying the indoor water park. We all had a great time at Cedar Point, I have to say I'm disappointed we had never taken this trip before. It turned out to be a wonderful park. There wasn't many rides that I enjoyed (part of the reason why I love Disney so much) but I am getting older afterall. Several years ago I would have been all over those CRAZY coasters. I just simply cannot do them anymore.  It was still lots of fun and the boys had the best time, That is what really counts anyways.

Day 3:
On our last day at the resort we decided to simply enjoy the resort and the local area.
We spent some time in the hot tub, enjoyed the wave pool. swam in the basketball area and I even went down a water side. (I had a panic attack about 1/2 down.That ended that!). It was very enjoyable as we lazed around all morning enjoying the water with very little others to compete with. (Most people were gone during the day.)

 In all fairness, there is really NOT a whole lot else to do in Sandusky other then the amusement Park. We had been here once before many years ago. When we were there I had no idea about the Amusement Park. We had instead gone to a drive through petting zoo. Animal Safari Park. The kids were much younger then and we were driving through on our way to Indiana. (This was where I was born and where my Grandparents were. Indiana that is).
We did a few web searches and did some driving around, and we found the best score (other then the Resort and the Amusement Park) right next to the resort. The Thirsty Pony.

mark had found this place earlier and it happens to be the only OTB in Ohio. (WOW!!! Really?)
Not only was the food pretty good, the decor was fun and relaxed.

They had multiple drinks that came in several souvenir cocktail glasses. I thought about it long and hard, but had water instead. What am I going to do with a Thigh High cocktail glass anyways?

Check out these bar stools. They are saddles.
We also found this cute little play place. The boys enjoyed a little go kart fun.

After all that fun we made our way back to The Thirsty Pony where they offer bowling in the back.

There were quite a few strikes thrown that night,

Tired from yet another long busy day we finished bowling and had an ice cream from Dairy Queen before we headed back to the resort to fall into a much needed sleep. And look who I got to sleep with; Snoopy and Woodstock. What a GREAT time!!!