Friday, August 26, 2016

Happy Birthday Kelly!!! Antiquing in Bouckville

August 2016

My Saturday was busting full of summer parties. A graduation, a family BBQ and a Birthday were all planned for Aug. 13th. To top it off it as SOOOOO HOT!!! All I really wanted to do was lounge in the pool. Instead I decided to do as much as I could.
 The Graduation was opted out; sorry Justus!!!Congratulations Just the same! I even considered blowing off the BBQ!!! Instead I made up a pasta salad, picked up some wine coolers and headed to Tammy's for a little BBQ time with her and her family. It was nice to spend time with her family and enjoy a late lunch. (Perhaps I should have saved room in my stomach cauz the food kept coming as the day progressed.).
Drinks at Tammy's. Her daughters friend had some umbrellas and since it was so hot outside I thought we should bring a little of the tropics inside. 

Once home Mark and I traveled to Auburn to spend some time with Kelly for her Birthday. Her sister Katie had done an amazing job decorating as well as putting on one heck of a eating feast.

We had some jello shots and a few drinks. (I stayed with my little wine coolers)

Katie did an amazing job. I wish I had taken more pictures of her decorations. She had at one time began a business. She is still undecided about this adventure, but I would hire her in a heart beat. She had done her friends (seen here with her) wedding shower and it was beautiful.
 We all enjoyed the hot summer evening WELCOMING the thunderstorms that came in later. Had an enjoyable evening with some dear friends and a few cocktails.

The following weekend we had important items to take care of. Get Gavin his passport. (Were off on another Cruise in November.)

We had gotten his pic and scheduled an appointment at the local library to get things in order for his passport.
These fun guys are outside the Liverpool Library,
All set with the passport business, we took a trip into the city and stopped at Guitar World. Gavin played the computerized drums. Mark and I encouraged him to sign up for the "Drum off." Once he was finally coaxed into it, we found out he is to young. Must be 16.
Later that day my gal pal Tammy and I headed east to take in the Bouckville Antique festival.
There was some pretty interesting stuff found. Wish I could have spared the cash and bought a Flamingo.
I simply love these lights.
Time warp. These are toys I had as a kid, I guess I am old.
I think I even had a Holly Hobbie costume. Tammy checks out an old rocking chair,
This item was pretty neat. It reminded my of my hubby.
Tiddledy Winks was a little before my time, but I just think the name is so fun.
Not sure what is going on with this guy, He looks a little stiff.
Just in case you always wanted a giant stone pig.
I thought this table was pretty cool. The chairs are built in and swing out, Talk about a space saver.
(with the chairs out.)
The festival went on for MILES and MILES. I don't think Tammy and I made a dent in seeing everything.
I so wish I got one of these guys for my mother. She would have appreciated the fun creative use of old dining cutlery.
There were bits of old and new featured at the festival. Tammy and I got an earful from a women who was angered by her spot on the festival map.(apparently it was too far off the main strip.) She was hot, angry and sure wasn't going to convince me to buy anything, Her complaints spewed on as I pretended to be interested. She had been there all week and yesterday only sold $15- worth of items, I hate to say it, but perhaps it's your attitude and garbage finds your trying to pull off as exclusive items, Most of her furniture looked like it was found on the sidewalk or the back of an old barn. If your going to love your craft and want to treat it like a business, don't expect "city folks" to be excited to purchase your ripped up moldy broken un-upholstered springs sticking out piles of what is suppose to be a Queen Victorian (Don't know really.) something or other. I missed it in between all of your curse words. These chairs below look ed much better then most of her stuff.
Isn't this gate amazing?
I LOVE this bike. There were tons of old bikes but this had to be my favorite,
Another one of my favorites and I so wanted this,.,,, If I had my (Future RV), room in my little Rav to toat home and of course the CASH...this baby would have been mine. My one day goal is to have a RV I glamorize with 50's style items. This unique table set in GREAT condition would have been a big score.
More fun finds.

I'm not sure what my attraction to Smokey the bear is. When I see a poster or item featuring the sad faced bear, I just have to take a look. I never would buy something like this, but it sure was cool.
I thought this couch/bed/I'm not sure....had a cool old car look to it, Wonder if it was original or an art piece.
I thought these old cars were pretty neat too.
right next to this vintage gas station.

and these funny monkey's....were pretty cool too,


I am drawn to these cute vintage (but a bit rough) old Snow White Disney characters.
They are so cute....then there is this guy...Scary Santa,,,
It was so hot, and we needed a break. Tammy got this plate of everything AMAZING on french fries,,, Of course I was going to say yes to a few bites.
These chairs.....YES!!!
This was cute too,
How would you of like this as a toy when you were a kid,,,,,WOW!!!
We could have gone on forever there was so much we didn't see...but we had had our fill. I didn't go home empty handed....
 I got this adorable Candy Fashion doll in the box with all her clothing, these adorable 1950's (late 40's) end table lamps (there was even a story behind them.) and this antique dressing table. The dressing table is not 50's, but I thought it was a great buy at $30- and perhaps I can clean it up and paint it with the signature Mackenzie Childs black and white checkerboard,
Wow what fun was had. I really wish I knew more about antiques. My lack of knowledge may have affected my purchase pricing, I thought I did well, but found a friend of mine was offered to pay $20- less for the same doll set I purchased, but overall I am satisfied. Can't wait to get that table cleaned up and painted. TTFN