Thursday, August 18, 2016

When were not trip taking

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July/August 2016

In our free time at home....we have been supporting our boys with the fun web sensation Pokemon. Yes apparently they do need to "catch them all." Fortunately we live near several Pokemon gyms;(Nope....don't have a clue and don't care to learn.) and best part has been that the boys have been out running around most of the days and well into the night. Of course this has not limited the requests for parental assistance everyone once in a while. Syracuse University is "HOT" with Pokemon!!! While visiting my parents, we simply had to take a tour of the campus and allow the boys to search for some much desired beast to catch in their poke ball.
Mark and I wait by the car as these two do what they do; (again I don't know and I don't care) at Syracuse University's Manly Field House.
My parents and my home growing up sits just outside Syracuse University Campus in an area called Outter Comstock. A visit to the campus was often frequented by me and my friends as a kid. Easy concert access (When they used to have concerts at The Dome.) When it was just me and my two eldest children I lived right on Comstock Ave as well.Admittedly I do miss it sometimes. BUT moving on.  (all pictures were taken my my phone....Yuck I know)

My parents hosted a family BBQ. Even while having our meal a Pokemon showed up on the hot dogs. (Pics; My parents, my eldest son, Mark and the boys.)
You can see my Uncle in the screen shot near the Pokemon being pursued.
It was a lovely day and a great joy to spend time with family.
Another non-trip day included an afternoon of my Close to My Heart Club. Here was my July club layouts.

My son has his own drumming space in the garage. (He selected the Grateful Dead hanging, not me.)
 He is actually pretty good and surprisingly the noise has not made me crazy yet. A little more Pokemon searching at Great Northern Mall.
 My Saturday deemed Clean House day was interrupted by a visit from my eldest.
 A typical at home dinner. I enjoy most afternoon evenings on the back patio. Pool has been a welcoming accent of late, while the HUMIDITY had HIT this area HARD!!!!
 A much needed Friday night glass of wine after work.
 Skies have been beautiful.
 One Sunday Mark and I hit up the Regional Market in Syracuse.
 (for my future RV....Yes I will be there Full time or a least Most time....someday.)
I loved this Flamingo, sadly I did not buy him. Hitting myself after.

 Breakfast at a local dinner in Liverpool. First and last time,
 Another dinner at home. Burgers, fries and Mushrooms.

 All products from my AMAZING Savings while at the Grocery Store.
 Yep...That says saved $76.75. My husband does not celebrate my savings. His thought...they inflate the price to make it seem like your saving by using the store discount card. Whatever...I am still proud of myself.
Sometime over the summer months. I realized I no longer can stomach the "SWEET" wines I so loved before. I don't think I will every embrace the Dry...but this middle of the road blush hit the pallet.
 With my job comes busy days running the elements. Here's a dash shot of what it felt like one after noon....WOW!!!
 Speaking of work. This cute little guy has been hanging around the work area trash bin.

Guess you don't have to go to far to find some wildlife. At one point he was deep in the can itself. I of course decided to take a look and got the scare of my life when he decided to pop out!!! 
 So...there you have it....Some not so exciting non trip things going on in my Daily life. TTFN