Monday, November 28, 2016

A little Spiritual Uplift with Jeremy Camp

Concert at Believers Chapel 
Cicero, NY
November 11, 2016

Tammy invited me to attend a concert at Believers Chapel this evening. I was thrilled to be along for her planned family evening. I also was not expecting what an amazing evening this would turn out to be. Jeremy Camp's I will follow tour was the being held and it was sure a hot ticket. The place was mobbed with people all ready to hear the music.

Seats were at a limited. The air was on fire. Everyone was full of the gospel, and I soon caught the fever. It was a bit too much at first, but soon the music was started and the crowded chapel soon seemed as one. 

first up was the sounds of Royce Lovett. He played a hip hop style of music, that got the crowd going!

Up next was the music of Love and the Outcome.

and finally......Jeremy Camp!!!! WOW is all I can say!!!!!

The music was so inspiring! I was on my feet, singing and dancing and simply just having an amazing time!

The music went on for quite some time, I truly enjoyed all of the music and listened attentively to his story of  belief in the Lord.
It was all so uplifting. Music can be so powerful. Although the room was full of people. I felt so connected to the powers of God solo to me within those moments. I would just close my eyes and listen while Jeremy sang. Each moment was in that moment.
My personal journey with the lord has always been diverted with pathways, some leading to dead ends, others simply narrowing to a thin trail. In short I have not always been the best practice of my belief, or even if I have a belief to begin with.
Never baptized as a child, brought up as a Unitarian,fathered by an Atheists, baptized as an adult Russian Orthodox, married a non practicing Jew. I can say....I'm a mess of beliefs or thoughts on what God may or may not be, I view myself as a Baptist and have been "practicing" such for the longest period if my adult life. I attend church, infrequently as such, but I attend. I wear the cross around my neck, and I am also committed to my bible study group. BUT......can I say I have accepted Jesus as savior and Lord? In all honesty I have not. What that hindrance is about I am not sure.  Sometimes I think I am not worthy, or I'm not ready....or what if I can not live up to the commitment.
I do know one thing....As I stood in that chapel that evening, I felt the music flow through me and each word rang strong and true to my ear. I felt the presence of Jesus surrounding me and holding me to the belief in all things good. If that is accepting, then I know I do.

What Can I add to this, except to say. Somethings are best when there is no expectations. I whole heatedly enjoyed the evening and felt so within that moment with something much bigger them myself. God! Almighty.