Monday, November 7, 2016

ICE AND SNOW: Take it slow!

Central NY
End of October 2016

Feeling restless this early morning. I woke up around 3am, looking at the clock I groaned...really! This weekend has been uneventful to say the least. Yucky weather has prompted LAZY do nothing days! Both Mark and I have been good about getting to the gym most days. I did a ROCKEN workout yesterday to make up for the last two days of poor eating choices at the conference I attended during the week.

Thursday afternoon, my gal pal and co-worker Renee and I traveled to Albany for this convention.
It sounded interesting when we signed up. Mental Health is usually an interesting topic.
We left right from work Thursday after noon.

What started out as rain turned into a mess of snow as we traveled from the Syracuse area to Albany.

I gripped the wheel most of the trip. Yep...winter is coming and I am NOT looking forward to it.

We saw several accidents along the way. Renee did one of her freaky premonitions on me, reporting that there was a gray car crashed on the right, when we passed there was nothing there. Up a ways...there it was, a gray car smashed on the right shoulder. I called her the devil!!!

Nothing felt as wonderful as arriving at the hotel in one piece.
The conference was held at the Marriot in Albany. It was decent, It was a nice location, nice rooms, a pool and a gym.
We checked in and found our room. Then it was time to find a meal. Both Renee and I had skipped lunch and after the stress of driving, I was ready to relax with some comfort foods.
Generally I seek out different places in the area to eat, but with rush hour traffic and yucky weather, the Olive Garden right across the street was calling.
We had a nice pasta dinner tapping into the Endless Pasta bowl special. There was, btw only one bowl obtained and we didn't even finish that one. All this dieting and eating healthy has shrunk my stomach.

After dinner we hit the pool. We had it all to ourselves, or rather I had it all to myself. Renee thought the water was much to cold.

The following day, we headed out for breakfast at Denny's pre conference. I did a quick stint in the hotel gym. (for good measure) and then we enjoyed this feast!

Renee and I were some of the first to arrive at the conference.

Mark and I have been counting down the days til our next big trip. In just 20 something days we will be on a big ship in the Caribbean. TTFN