Friday, December 2, 2016

Crafting and RENT

November 2016
Local area

No trips of late. Preparing for the Cruise, BUT just because I am not trip taking does not mean that I am busy doing NOTHING...Not this gal!!!

November 16th Barb and I made it to #2 of our Broadway theater series. RENT was the feature this evening!!!! It was AMAZING! 

Before the show Photo opt!!! Yes we were meant to look silly, 

No pictures allowed, but I always grab one during the evening curtain call. 

All I can say is if you haven't seen the show....GO!!! Cant get to the show see the movie. Hate musicals...well then too bad for you!!! It was GREAT!!!!
 The story is about life, love, and relationships! Through disease, drug addiction, poverty and a condemned apartment building these friends bond together though a season of their live.
We both enjoyed the performance!!!

Earlier that week I held my Scrapping Club.

I had also completed my new Planner coloring.

Ready for club....and the week ahead is CRUISE time.