Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tripless January

January 2017
Central NY area

"They" say the year reflects how you spend New Years and since I was asleep when the ball dropped. I guess you can say, January has been just that, a whole of moving in sleep mode. 
So far this year.....I have been robotically getting up for the gym at 4am...(yes I made it to the gym 26 out of the 31 days of Jan.) Heading off to work....and spending my evenings BINGE watching tv shows till I pass out! It really has been an unexciting month.... I have however, finished 7 seasons (I did start before the new year and actually finished last evening.) of Shameless. If you watch enough of one show in this fashion, you become part of the family and I have been living like a Galliger now for the last several months. maybe minus the sex, drugs and illegal behaviors...but I have certainly been enmeshed in the family DRAMA! 

Most recently I have been vicariously living the life of a Pirate while watching Black Sails. One weekend this month I watched the entire first season.
My travel log should read...I've been over seas.....couch sailing with some small trips to the kitchen for some not so exciting (usually out of a can, frozen or in the form of a puff) meals. 
What can I say? Its COLD outside and I have simply been LAZY!!! Love both the shows however and anticipate spending a good chunk of February enjoying the Bahama sun and ocean blues through that mesmerizing box. Damn you On demand!

January has not totally been so uneventful. Hubby and I have been making resolutions. The house needs some love....the poor thing seems to have been abandoned. I have lovingly been calling it the Crack house for years, so we have made some "outlines" on addressing much needed repairs and updates. The gym and getting healthy is another and we also have included addressing a budget and looking at how an RV would work into such budget. 

Mark and I both have/had different ideas on what kind of RV we should be looking into. Several years ago, it would make sense to look into a durable RV equipt with bunk beds and child friendly fun. Now...maybe not so much.  My original thoughts were to consider a small pull behind that maybe me myself and I could take out and feel confident in handling. A cute little vintage might be nice. My husband on the other hand has decided that someday there are going to be grandkids and we might as well GO BIG or GO HOME!

With the awareness that we will eventually be making a purchase some day, we decided to check out the RV shown in Syracuse one weekend. After seeing some of these baby's I am so over my little pull behind. I think I found my dream trailer and its not small or vintage.  

This is the one I fell in LOVE with!!!

This beauty is a fifth wheel with a full kitchen, booth dinette, main living room with three couches, fireplace and a tv.  rear bedroom and full bath!!!! She is a beauty.

After looking at this...the others seem like kids play. But we looked anyways.....
This RV show lacked any vintage remodels so I could only admire my love for this baby!

Gorgeous RIGHT? and here's the price!!!
After some much discussion we also took into consideration these two. Notice I did not take pictures only the prices....(NOPE I WAS NOT IN LOVE.)

These two price listings were from two very similar travel trailers.  Both had a front master, main living and dining with a bunk house in the back. Mark liked the idea that there was a separated room in the back for a. Grandkids or even our kids and some friends, and b. a separation
space for when we need an office, want to watch different tv shows or simply to hang!
I guess we will see. At any rate, we have started an RV fund and seem to be at least on the same page for what we are looking at! I still would take a small vintage...but I am in LOVE with that fifth wheel.

Also in January I celebrated some Birthdays!

Kellie's birthday was celebrated at a girls night. Doreen hosted this fun evening of girl antics. We ate, played games and of course had a few cocktails. 

Mary looks so serious as she thinks about an answer for one of the games we played (above) and Renee has a cute new hair doo (below)

Kellie and Doreen....

an "usie" instead of a Selfie. 

Happy Birthday Kellie!!!
Another January birthday was for my youngest. Gavin turned 14! My husband, my mother in law, my son and I all went out for dinner at Applebee's for Gavin's special day!
They do not sing Happy Birthday, but he did get a brownie with icecream. He was very grateful that there was no singing!

Later that week we celebrated with friends and family with cookie cake!

I attended a conference at the Genesee Grand Hotel in Syracuse that offered information on the new roll out of the HARP/ Home and Community Based Service Program. I was impressed with the hotel decor!
(the tree although after Christmas was lovely)

I spent a little time crafting and made this wreath from Close to My Heart. Squeezed in my weekly trip to church..and I contacted NY State to inquire once again what steps I need to take to go back to school to get my counseling license. (To much school...I knew there was a reason why I kept putting this off. )
Mark and I had a few evenings out to dinner, We had been given gift cards for Christmas and had a nice meal at Outback Steakhouse as well as one from Friendlies. We even made our way out to the Turning Stone Casino where we had dinner and drinks in the VIP room.
Feeling so incredibly non-productive over the earlier part of Jan. one night Mark and I went to Uriahs, a bar/tavern within walking distance of our house. We enjoyed dinner, drinks and some music. (I also fulfilled his request to shave his head.)

So that would be that! So far 2017 has been...truely  tripless....But February is looking like it could be full of log material. TTFN!