Thursday, March 16, 2017

Great Eats...Great Drinks... and even Better Relationships.

February 2017  

After returning from our mini vacation from Buffalo, most of February has been quiet. I had spent most of this month with my fanny on the couch and my eyes on the tube.

 Mark and I have found a new show to binge watch. "This is Us." Loving it!!!!! I have also caught up with "Black Sails" I am now in line with the current showing. 

I spent one Saturday at Sandy's for the Hearts a Flutter Team meeting for Close to My Heart. 

I always enjoy time with these wonderful women. We made some great items and it was a nice day for Crafts!!! I love these cards inspired by Christine.

Laura and Sandy. Anita below.  Sandy always has some great projects and new ideas. I had planned to start another crafting club this year, but just haven't been motivated. I had one good year, I had planned on doing a card workshop...just haven't gotten it started. 
Christine provides us with a demonstration. She has also been so AMAZING with the Close to My Heart Planner. She is so creative. 
I totally enjoy the creativity that these women bring to the team, Judy also presents a demonstration, She uses different stamp sets to create a new look, These card she created were truly amazing.

As the month moved on I was thrilled to get myself a shamrock Shake from McDonalds. A little early, but the weather was so beautiful a milkshake was in order while out with one of my clients. 

Milkshakes wert not the only beverages consumed this month. I had a few meals that were complimented with some adult beverages. Mark and I had dinner one evening at the Outback and I had to have this refreshing treat.
We also went to dinner at Smokey Bones and I had a tasty margarita paired with pulled pork. 

Mark had decided that we need to have a nice meal out at least one time per week. I have been attempting to manage my weight and this has interfered just a bit. What I have been doing to balance this is keeping a strict diet during the week and enjoying a nice meal on the weekends when we go for. Meal. It has made the evening much more enjoyable then attempting to create a meal for myself out of something that I truly wont enjoy just to stay within my calorie count. We also continue to make it to the gym at 4am every morning, .Crazy yes!!! Some mornings I'm more motivated then others. 

I'll admit that I have cheated on a few evenings. A celebration of our co-worker and friend Heather had me eating out an additional time this month. 

One of my co-workers Heather left the agency and moved to North Carolina. A celebration was had at The Blarny Stone before she left. Renee and I arrived early , excited to try the #1 rated Syracuse Best Burger. It was sure YUMMY!!!

We will all miss Heather.
Speaking of Burgers, Renee and I took a long lunch one day and had burgers at The Dinosaur BBQ.  Our mid day break from the stress of working in a career with HIGH BURN OUT!!!

Silly girls. We have decided to do a monthly CM luncheon hitting up the area restaurants. Phoebe's is next. I decided on a burger. Should have had the pulled pork...but the cheese and bacon covered fries were to die for. 

It was a beautiful Valentines Day.,... This early morning picture of the pink sky. Mother Natures valentine. 

At work I was excited to get all these Valentines. Like when we were in grade school, several of us "young at heart" employee's decided to gift one another. I had made my own cards. (I wish I saved one or took a picture.) to deliver. 

I work with a FUN bunch!!!!
At home we had a nice dinner, cards were exchanged and a brownie heart shaped cake for desert. 

The weather has been pretty nice, but most mornings snow has covered the parking space lines to define where one should park. At one appointment, I pulled my car into the lot according to the car to my right and left. Although I was not in the lines, When I initially parked I was center to the two cars surrounding me. When I came out.....

Are you serious???? I thought it was so CRAZY that I took a picture, My client had suggested I put the picture on a website called "Biggest Asshole".  There was no way I would have gotten in on the drivers side. Time to see how flexible I  am  and hop over the seat. 

Kelly came over after taking her civil service exam for NY State. We celebrated her 100% score and tax season (Just her I still owe.) with a little shopping at Destiny Mall. Up first was a nice meal! We decided upon this new restaurant Cowboy Saloon. Food was good....service was awful. 
After was time to go shopping. 

We had a great time at the mall. I got some new clothing and items. BUT the place was PACKED!!! time to get home because tonight is GIRLS NIGHT!!!

I hosted an AMAZING girls night! First time I have seen some of these ladies all year. 
Carol, CC, Renee, Mary, Mindy, Kelly, Tammy and Me!!!!

My daughter and some of her friends joined us.

Big LOVE!!!!

We played some games, ate lots of food, and had just a few cocktails.

There has been a whole lot of drinking and eating this month. Wow!!! 

 Barb and I decided to do dinner before our show one evening as well.  (so much for my one time per-week eating out.)  Tonight's performance.....Riverdance!
 Tonight's dinner. Mexican!

We had a wonderful pre-show meal at The Mission in downtown Syracuse.  The meal was delicious.
 This was a Tuesday evening and the weather was amazing for Central NY in Feb. and it seemed to get warmer as the evening continued. Nearly 60 degrees.

 The evening sky over Columbus circle.
The weather was so nice we didn't mind waiting for the doors to open for the show, Until it rained. But it only lasted for a few minutes.

The show was pretty good. BUT DAMN these seats. I was smooshed with my own fat ass and the large women next to was incredibly uncomfortable. Barb and I left early.
So no trips...but great times were had this months. Now on to March and hopefully SPRING!!!