Sunday, April 23, 2017

Girls Florida Vacation Day 6

Cape Coral Florida
April 10th 2017

Love the Boats name

We enjoyed much of the morning simply relaxing, but had a late lunch date with one of Kelly's former co-workers at Rumrunners at Cape Harbour.

The restaurant was located within this little utopia of sorts. Everything you need (maybe lacking a convenience store, but I may be wrong) you could find in this little yacht based community. Our first stop with the Rumrunner restaurant. We were seated right on the dock, which was really more of a parking lot for boats and the river the roadway.

There were not that many out on the river today, but I am sure that during the peak season this is a bustling community. Some time before the meal was spent daydreaming of a life on the sea. Yes wouldn't it be nice.

I later asked Mark "Can we get a boat?" My husband who almost always at least indulges my fantasies was an IMMEDIATE NO!!!!

Kelly's friends Stacey and Leighanne as well as Stacey's mother joined us for lunch. 
I had a very yummy French onion soup and a salad.
One thing I have learned while visiting Florida is that most FOODS (at least on these coasts) are some sort of FISH. I am not a fish eater. I will eat tuna from a can and I have been known to chow down on a McDonald's filet of Fish...but all those longed for fish meals including clams, oysters, lobster or any other animal that once inhabited the sea does not seem to be on my food pallet. I'll admit I have a strange likes and dislikes of food. For example on my hate list is onions BUT I love French onion soup. I can't eat a tomato but have no problems with ketchup or tomato sauce. I'll eat carrots, but not cooked. Weird yes...of course I have not wasted away...I still manage to find foods I like, but while visiting I found my choices were less and less.....

After our lunch walked the community in search of The French Press. The French Press had a little bit of everything I'll eat.....Chocolate,...and some yummy gelato.

Stacey had mentioned that the chocolate was really good yesterday and we all viewed some of the fancy desserts they offer online. One I had taken an interest in was chocolate was made to look like a glass slipper. I searched for one at the store but no luck. There were some very pretty chocolates however.....

after a few taste tests, (we literally could have tried every kind if we wanted.) I settled on a mint chocolate chip gelato.
We all enjoyed our desserts on the deck overlooking the miles of parked yachts.  I googled Cape harbour as I was not sure how to explain this place. It is described as a Marina (which makes sense) but it is not like any Marina back home.
There are several condo's located within the community as well.

We found a nice spot on the deck to enjoy our desserts.

After finishing up our yummy's we enjoyed the many boutiques. It was all a little to expensive for my blood, but the things were super cute. They had many silk screened printed shirts made by the same artist who paints the Norwegian ships. Guy Harvey. Love this cute little flamingo one.
There was also an art store that had the most adorable hand made pieces. Very pricey but SOOOO CUTE! (no pictures were allowed.)
It was quite an afternoon. We simply enjoyed the weather and the company. I could certainly get used to this lifestyle. Oh the lifestyles of the rich and maybe not famous.
The evening was spent at the house. Kelly's son Matt finally indulged his mother and took a dip in the pool.

Another incredible day in Florida.