Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Girls vacation Florida 2017: Day 3

Fort Myers Beach, Florida
April 7th 2017

Day 3: Joseph had arrived sometime early this morning. He is attending Florida University and had a late class the day before. Joseph and my daughter (and my eldest son) grew up together so it was a nice reunion for these old friends. It seems so strange to be enjoying a vacation with our now adult children. Cocktails on the beach became the days theme.

We made our way to Lani Kai Island resort for a day of beach fun. First stop was to allow these young adults fill up on Wendy's food. How can they eat so much?

It was spring break while we were visiting and the island was CROWDED!!! We luckily found a parking spot and paid a hefty $15- parking fee...but it was so worth every penny!! The sand, the waves the sunshine!!!! Aahhhhh!!!Paradise. This place pretty much summed up EVERYTHING a Florida vacation should include.

Everyone was PUMPED!!!

We found a place at the bar and the "kids" started ordering drinks.

They were issued under 30 wrist bands. I tried to get one myself, just for the novelty of it...Don't I look under 30??? BUT no can do... There was nothing I could say to convince the "bouncer" with a missing sense of humor to issue me a wrist band of my own!!! WoW...really. EGO POPPED!!!

Well...I guess I'll just have to have one of those mixed drink without an ID check first. Here was cocktail #1 the All American! The best ones had to be the drink entitled Rumrunners. YUM!

Cocktails in hand we made our way to the ocean! Simply Beautiful! It was a little chilly, too cold for me to swim, but AMAZING just the same! The sand in my toes and the sun on my nose. 

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the outdoors. Patti got a little burnt. The responsible ones neglected to get sunscreen. OPPS! These two beauties were already pretty tan to begin with, 

 Just a few beach pictures I caught while enjoying this incredibly amazing day. Did I forget to add....RV bucket list MUST include a few more days at Fort Myers Beach! My RV bucket list is getting longer.
 Alexis and Joseph had a great time together. There were hula hoops on the beach for people to use and Alexis jumped right in. Joseph even tried a few times.

Come on Joe!!!!
 Oh okay!!! Nice try!

Theresa and her son CJ soon arrived and we enjoyed another day of their company,  Before long it was getting late and although the beach night life was just beginning. Kelly had plans with her sons for the evening. Alexis spent the rest of the evening with CJ, and Patti and I went back to the house and ate pretty awful pizza. (I wish I could remember the name of the company to tell you to stay clear but I can't recall.) 

Once everyone returned to the house. The young adults had plans to go to a local country bar. The moms were asked politely DO NOT GO WITH US. They took an urber. (There are no Urbers in NY) so this was pretty cool and off they went. 
What a handsome bunch.....Us older "kids" ended the evening early. 
This vacation has continued to be AMAZING! Tomorrow I get to meet some of Kelly's friends and we celebrate Matthiu's 13th Birthday!