Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Girls Vacation Florida Day 4

Cape Coral, Florida
April 8th 2017

Day 4:

Today was a lounge around the pool day. Who would have imagined I would actually invite an entire day to do absolutely NOTHING while on vacation? Not me. But here we are. A day dedicated to total RELAXATION!

Having the pool was a great added bonus. Alexis catching some sun and Patti enjoyed the cool water. 

 Our dollar Store floaties were not exactly made for adults, but Kelly took a chance.

 The noodles seemed to do a better job.

 Alexis gave it a go with the pizza shaped floatie.

First of course, there has to be a modeling of the pizza slice pre-pool. 

 Today was a celebration of Matt's birthday! (He and my eldest share April 1st as their Birthday) Since Kelly was still in NY on April 1st she planned a party today to celebrate,

Before the party could begin however we had to take a trip to Game Stop as Matt had received gift cards from his older brother and Kelly and I went to get snacks and a cake for the evenings festivities. We had absolutely nothing to eat in the house.
Both Kelly and I were starving. (We poorly planned our grocery shopping this trips and spent much to much money) Interestingly I found grocery prices are slightly higher then at home. Hun? Wonder why?
Despite the high cost of grocery's and incidentally a good portion of our grocery budget went to beer. (Don't judge.) we filled up our growling tummies with freebees as we shopped. There was a promotion for a local pool store going on in the parking lot.
FREE Burgers and dogs, I'd call that a win!
Once inside the grocery store we hit up all of the strategically place FREE tastings. No need to worry about over spending while hungry, Kelly and I had our fill! (We still went over budget on the grocery items and found within a day we had nothing in the house to eat.)

Back at the house.....I was introduced to Kelly's friends Stacey and Leighanne. Stacey and Kelly used to work together. Leighanne and Stacey have know each other since childhood. Leighanne was visiting from Kansas. Stacey's cute little boys came to celebrate Matt's Birthday too! They are super sweet kids!

 Pizza for dinner and CAKE for dessert. YUM!!!

Not a day of sight seeing or even one that was busy running here and there, but enjoyed with old and new friends.