Sunday, July 9, 2017

Banging around CNY

June 30- July 9th 2017

Well...things have been pretty mellow for me, as I have not been off vacationing for what seems like awhile. (My friends would say otherwise...) I was asked at work what I did over the holiday weekend and my reply was "nothing"...but that really wasn't true. 

Friday night was our monthly BUNCO night. I got bunco twice!!! Here I am with the bunco mascot. I started out the game with a running of looses...I had a pretty good chance to win...the most loss's. unfortunately I evened out later in the evening. No winner here!

We had fun with several bunco winners...or at least some with a picture and a smile.

I tried a NEW phenomenon....Cotton candy flavored grapes. YUMMMY!!!! most of the days lately was RAIN RAIN RAIN!!!! It rained so much and so often that I had to run out in the downpour and put the filter on my pool to waste, just to prevent it from day was productive however, I scrapped for most of it, so that was fun.
Saturday night Mark and I had Chinese food and met up with some friends for cocktails. Mark and I walk to Uriah's (our original meeting place) only to find out everyone had gone elsewhere. We all caught up with one another at Bull and Bear.
Two for one Margarita's. (happy happy joy joy). I got to see some old friends who I don't see often; Carmen, Pat and Anne...and some I see all the time. David...and of course Renee...We are so silly.

Sunday we found our basement flooded...AGAIN!!! The pump was replaced (under warranty) and the water left us....Yeah!!! Sun came out too!!! Yard was ready for the uneventful Holiday. I spent most of Sunday and all of the Fourth lounging in the pool. I worked Monday....Not that it was terrible. Things were pretty slow all day and the office was a ghost town. Amiee (my co-worker) and I had lunch out at Stella's. Before I knew it, the day was done.
Independence day was...simply put, NICE. I really did absolutely nothing but lounge in the pool. The kids came and went...I invited the kids for BBQ....but I guess they had better offers.  Mark and I making hot dogs on the electric skillet. SOOOO un -fourth like. Our neighborhood was all about the fourth. Those bangs and bombs had Riley a mess! I don't think I have ever seen him so scared. He was under the bed, tried to get on laps, crawled up the side table...and "they" say Huskies are one of the most dangerous dogs....he's a chicken. 

Wednesday I returned to my 1/2 lunchtime hike. My friend Mary linked me to a website called which has a ton of local trails to help me get a better idea of what is out there.  This way I can mix things up. 

On this day I decided to go to Bear Trap Creek. It was a nice paved trail that runs from North Syracuse to Mattydale NY crossing over the NY State Thruway and along Route 81. 

It was a tad bit noisy...and there is absolutely NO shade (with the noonday sun beating down it felt like 100 degrees), but it was a pretty walk and I got in over a mile in my 1/2 hour hike. (I turned my walk app on successfully this time.) view over the NY state Thruway. 

Lots of pretty wildflowers along the way....I did look for a bear... but I didn't see any. Grateful there were no traps for some too. 

There is a small creek that runs along the trail as well. 

This meadow was darling. It was well manicured and I wondered if it was actually someone's back yard. The trail backs up to several houses so it is possible. I noticed far off in the trees a tent was set up. Interesting....I thought.

I only saw two others walking the tail and two bikers my entire walk making it pretty peaceful once I crossed the thruway bridge,
15 minutes in...I ran into a traveler going the other direction. I asked is the end of the trail far ahead? I had hoped to walk the entire length. He told me it time to make it to the end, better start heading back. Whew it was hot! Got back to the car made a few phone calls and all set to go to my afternoon appointment. I found it was CA. Called my boss. Can I take my three hours of flex time? Yep I was out. Pool was the best afternoon pick me up.

Thursday I was in my office all day. I did plan a hike in the afternoon, I really did but my afternoon appointment was canceled, so I simply stayed in the office. 
Friday had me busy in the office again. No nothin. I did do some swimming. 

Friday night....
I met up with the girls at the Blue Spruce Lounge for dinner. We all had some form of pasta and chicken. I don't think any of us were to happy with our meals. Next time dinner elsewhere...but the BAND was awesome.

Three Inch Fury and Gridley Paige was the featured act. They played all the best 80's hair band songs. We certainly enjoyed the evening. It was nice for all of us to catch up too.
I danced and sang all night long. It sure got HOT!!!

Great evening was had by all of us. TTFN