Monday, July 3, 2017

Keep it going....

Central NY
June 23-June 30th 2017

Originally I had planned an evening out with my co-workers in Buffalo NY to see a band I was not to familiar with New Kids on The Block. (I was a little older when these guys made it to the pop charts.) When approached about the event I was all for it (6 months ago) but as the day approached and I found we were not planning on staying over night (Its like 2 plus hours ride back home.) I decided that if someone else would enjoy my ticket it was theirs. The ticket was quickly claimed.
It was also a big weekend for some friends of mine. Carol and Renee both had birthdays and Tyler (Carol's oldest.) Graduated. I had planned to do my daily walk, finish up work and head to Carol's for Tyler's celebration instead. Work did not permit me to get my walk in. I was BUSY all day. Bummer
I am still working towards the goal of taking a daily walk.

I did make it to Tyler's graduation where after wishing both the Grad and his mother well! I proceeded to eat....YEP!!! (And I had lost five pounds over the week.) I ate pizza, wings and pasta...add a few Coors to the mix and there were those five pounds I lost during the week.
The party was nice. I haven't seen Carol in a while and I have known Tyler since birth. I also got to see some old friends that I have not seen in some time. Stacey and Serena. I also got to see Mike who I haven't seen in a REAL long time.

After the Graduation Party I made it to Renee's where she was celebrating her birthday with the entire family on her husbands side. Besides Carmen I was the only non-related person there. It was great fun as I grew up with most of these people and great to see everyone.

The rest of the weekend was spent working on the house. Mark and I pulled the deck apart and I washed down the floating platform. We had discussed replacing the entire deck or perhaps do concrete, After taking down the side rails...the hole back yard changed. They were really just affecting the view of the feature of the yard...the pool. We have decided to clean the existing deck and stain/weather proof. Much cheaper then a new deck. I am loving the new look. We also spend several hours both cleaning and swimming in the pool. Mark actually got in and did some swimming twice. My son did too. Below is my pool in all of its perfection. Spotless.

We also did some much needed yard work. The one tree in my yard that I do not cruse at had at least 8 baby trees growing around it. They had been there quite some time. We cut those back and did some weeding. Mark removed a fern bush that was partially dead and now an eye sore after removing the deck rails. Gavin and I did some much needed weeding in the front and timed back a few branches on the trees. I really cannot believe how bad these things had become over the years. Guess we really need to stay up on it,
Despite a low key go nowhere weekend.. it did go by fast and soon it was Monday again. How does this happen?
On Monday I made sure I got my walk in and as I was located near Clark Reservation State Park after my appointment I decided to take on this quite fascinating geological natural beauty.
Still trying to stay within my lunch period and since I could not find a map of how long each trail was, I followed a family that I had overheard one of the parties mention that they needed to get back within a 1/2 hour. Perfect I thought and followed along slowly behind them.
The trail winds around plates of rock forcing the vegetation to grown any way it can. Just look at this tree.
Moss finds a wet rock a good home. As do the mosquito, wish I had some bug spray...ouch!
Some areas have some trees shooting straight up..
Most of the trail resembles a path like this. As I attempted to stay just behind the family in front of me, I found that I actually walk pretty fast. I needed to slow my pace down several times just to allow for some space. I didn't really want to get in front of them, as that would force me to move faster. I wouldn't want to be that girl who passed all quick like, then only passed by them moments later because I was dying on the side of the path.
I should take some time to learn more about these things, but I never do, even if I had more the 1/2 hour to enjoy...but I am puzzled by why or how these rocks were formed. They resemble a water bed about to plunge into the reservoir below. Perhaps there was once a waterfall that gushed over these rock...Ive never known there to be one here....
I also do not know anything about plant life..These tiny flowers were everywhere ( phone camera failed me here,)
A few more oddly shaped trees.
In between the large rocks, plant life grew, Adaptation....

The path I had taken wound around and leaded into a path I had taken before. This path was pretty popular as it leads to the main entrance. Its a difficult trail as it climbs over these boulders. I was forced to not only slow my pace, but also stop as people ahead of me slowly ascended the gaping holes between flat rock surface and climb like a billy goat over the rock areas. (Perhaps better to go up then down on my next adventure.)
This is a picture of a smooth area of the rock path. At one point I was even holding the fence to guide myself down from the big steps.
The view overlooking the reservoir from the rock trail.
Once I completed the trail and I was back to the parking lot I found I had a few more minutes so I walked along the walkway to the pavilion. This offered better views of the water below. 
 I always knew there was a watershed down below, but I had no idea that there was trail that lead downward to the area. I did a quick assessment of the steps leading downward, checked my time and decided my next trip to Clark Reservation would lead me directly to this trail.
I headed back, did a quick look in the nature center, that appeared to be closed but was open as a staff member was painting. time. Then I was off to my next appointment. 

Later I stopped at Websters pond where I did some notes and made some phone calls in the car. The skies predicted rain, and for awhile I thought it would be an afternoon of watching ducks through my water stained windows, but it held off just long enough for me to take a jaunt around the small pond and say hello to the ducks.

The whole walk is about a 5-10 stroll around both directions.
I walked fast enough not to get caught in the rain, but slow enough to encounter the several birds I met along the way.
I came around the corner and ran into these fellows. WT? Not only are they strange looking but this one was panting and wagging his/her tail like a "happy to see you" puppy.
Just then his/her friend came up to me right on the trail. Not at all fearful, he came right up to me and as I spoke to him...(Doesn't everyone speak to wild animals in baby talk like me?) "Well hi there little fella".... he starting biting my toes. I have seen to many of those Youtube videos where feathered friends attack and decided this guy was not interested in saying hi and  quickly moved along.....
...and ran right into this sign.....
Well thanks for the advice....after the fact....I tried to capture the only turtle I found sunning on the slab stone out in the pond,
The winds picked up and I felt a few light drops on my head, and decided I should walk back. Much quicker this time and even quicker past the not so nice ducks. 
The wind changed direction as I started back to my car and it looked as if the rain would remain away.

I slowed to admire these guys. (Are they ducks or geese) and this cool bench.
I watched as the ducks I had spoken to earlier take a swim across the pond. "Hi guys"
I said my goodbyes to these gentlemen and their 1 female friend.....
and soon I was back on the road. My last appointment was out in the country a bit and I was thrilled to see these guys on my way. I stopped just long enough to take a shot. I was rushed as I was on a hill and it was not probably the best place to stop on one of those country roads. Can you make out what they are?
Another great day walking and enjoying the outdoors. Keeping it up....
Tuesday I had two appointments out in the morning and two in the afternoon. I was able to squeeze in a walk at yet another Erie Canal park. mid day. Although the skies looked like rain, and the forecast had predicted showers maybe even T-showers. I was surprised to see the area parking lot filled. Apparently this is a popular place. I found a lot of dog walkers were strolling along with paved pathway leading along the canal. This was a first for me, but as I continued to walk I realized that the trail leads to another parking area where I have walked before. I believe this area is called Cedar Creak. The trail I took begins in Dewitt near Town Hall.
 It was another lunch break power walk and I had to stay within my 1/2 hour allotted time, although unlike the canal walk I had done last week, there was not much in the way of information, stores or even a bathroom. There was no sight of a location to have my passport stamped either. That's okay...I came to walk....I set my walk app and I was off.
The beginning of the trail is quite nice. A stone bridge leads to the straight away of the trail and right next to it is this concrete structure.
 I'm not sure how it works...but it was once used when the canal was active. There was a sign and I failed to read it or take a picture to read later.

The trail opens up to the canal. Perhaps one of the largest areas in diameter then some of the other areas. It resembles more like a lake then a canal. 

 I notice some sunning fish below..but they are overshadowed by those BIG fluffy clouds above.
 It sure was a beautiful day...On one side of the trail is the canal on the other is a tall fence filed with wild flowers and some strange white tubes rising from the ground. My guess its a buried dump..but I could be wrong.

 I really walked hard on this trip. I generally don't so so well on the paved straight away's and my back did not forget.I also think this was my first walk quickly paced and with intent. I went for quite some time before I looked at my time and decided I needed to turn back and I also knew I would need to slow my pace so I made it just shy of the cross bridge (where I have walked before) and turned to head  back.
 Hi people I had just passed, That feels so weird.
 My slowed stroll back allowed some pictures of the wild flowers and berries along the trail. Some wild raspberries.
 Some lilac colored flowers....I bet I couldn't even guess...but I think there is cow in their name...
 This beauty was opened wide to the sun...
 these were pretty tooo and apparently home to some buggers that I did not notice until after I viewed the photo.
 The return walk offered a new view of the canal.
 and looking back....
 I made my way back to the trail head saying hello to the many joggers, bike rides, dog walkers and even a guy rollerskating. I took this picture as I am part Irish and isn't this cool. These stones have been here all that time...

 One last look at the Creek and a check of my walk app and I was on my way....WHAT!!!!!! I somehow stopped my app from recording my journey...It looked as if I took three steps in total. MAN!!! I was hoping to get an idea of just how far I had walked and at walk intensity as I thought that I had really pushed it today...I guess I will never know unless I make this area another walk in the future...Oh well I still enjoyed myself.

Wednesday...was a no walk day. (Of course it was the only day we had 100% no rain) I was scheduled for an all day training. I discussed walking around the area of my job for part of our break, but instead I caught up on work I was missing while in the training. (Priorities)
They FED us well....Breakfast was much much more then my  normal hard boiled egg and banana. I did try and be healthy and choose fruit over muffins. Lunch was another story. Turkey wrap, mac salad, chips, and pound cake for desert. WOW!!! Added was the multiple snacks provided throughout the day. I have day 2 Thursday...

Despite the sun, it was to cold to swim and since the forecast predicts at least the next 7 days of rain in some form or another, I rushed home to stain the deck....The pool looks the best it has in forever....come summer come.

 Its looking better....Mark had to run out and get me more stain....
I'm not sure what I think, but its better then then it was. I'll admit the rails gone have made improvement and the pool still looks good.
Another week has gone by and we still have not made it to the gym....Thursday morning we both woke nearly an hour later then normal. Will we ever get back into that routine?
My day Thursday was completely filled with day two of in house training. I still do not understand how a day of simply sitting in a classroom makes me sooo tired. I got home made dinner and was out! Day done! Nope I didn't do my walk, go to the gym or do anything....BLAH!!!
One more day this far I am 2/4 can Friday be a win?
Friday....turned out to be busier then I had expected we HAD RAIN....big flood the streets in moments rain. No walking on Friday...Weekend looks busy too. Guess I will have to see what July brings.