Sunday, August 27, 2017

Missed Eclipse, friends and Summer says goodbye!

Aug. 21- 24th 2017

Manic MONDAY!!! and it was ECLIPSE day!
Coming back from a weekend is always difficult. I almost never come into Monday with my voice mail free of weekend calls or client hospitalizations. This Monday was no different. After Monday morning team meeting I was off to connect with clients and bring on the day. I had a new co-worker Heather shadow me in the field.
All week and all morning all I heard about was the ECLIPSE.....its finally here. DO NOT LOOK!!!
Apparently Upstate NY is not in the path of the eclipse....but hey people, don't we all see the same sun? Wont I see something?
I watched it on tv with one of my clients who was interested himself then quickly rushed outside to attempt to catch my own moon shadow. "total eclipse of the heart.....see you on the dark side of the moon...." Just two of the songs that were heard playing on the radio today!

 This is me trying to get a pic without looking at the sun....AHHHHHAAGGG my eyes will burn out of my skull.....(this is Heather above) Below is my first attempt at catching the sun without looking....LOL I had the phone on selfie. (WOW the top of my head is rather attractive.)

 After several shots backwards and directly without looking up....I decided that perhaps I had missed it. Oh well. it was fun while trying.

Tuesday after a long day at work...I met up with some current and a former co-worker at Bull and Bear for $4- burger night....lets not forget the 2 for 1 Margarita's    

We had tornado warnings all afternoon...and I got caught in some pretty intense rain....Some areas even lost power. Burgers, drinks and friends was the goal and no stinkin weather was gonna get in our way.
Tracy, Marquita, Stacey and I were some of the "originals" at work. Marquita has moved on to other things....I still work with Tracy and Stacey...LOVE!!!!


Wednesday: After two hours of a very difficult client, all I wanted to do when I got home was vacuum the pool, make dinner and son had a date at the mall on Thursday and it was imperative that his hair be CUT....REALLY? I spent nearly three hours trying to find just the right stylist. His favored was busy and after some miscommunication when we returned later she was actually leaving for the day and my son was dead set against the alternative.
We then tried another place that was closed, and yet another....Gavin took one look at the stylist who promptly after escorting him to the chair began chatting on her cell phone, he was NOT getting his hair cut by this lady. I know he's picky (and I am not) even I would have been put off by this.
One last place before we were once again going to try a place where the inexperienced stylist had butchered his hair.
The heavens looked down on us in pity and just as we walked through the doors of a place called Utopia.....Matt urged Gavin towards his seat. PERFECT!!!!! I do believe we have a new stylist.
I was scheduled to come in myself Thursday, but after trying to juggle my work schedule I had to CA.  Mark had pizza and wings waiting..... my pool has one very defined clean line across the bottom...(I did not return to this job after the haircuts) head hit the pillow around 8pm and I was out!
The Great NY state fair started yesterday, I go back to school myself next Thursday, Gavin starts back in two weeks, the stores are filled with Halloween candy, notebooks and fall decor.....SUMMER is ENDING!!!!! Just where did it go? Was it ever really here?
So glad the weekend is coming soon! TTFN

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A day in Naples, NY

Aug. 19th-20th
Cazenovia, Chittenango and Naples, NY

The weekend started slow. Friday night I was in bed pretty early. Saturday during the day, was so unremarkable, I cannot recall what I did.
 Saturday evening Mark and I enjoyed our friends Mary and Brian's summer bash.

 We enjoyed the evening breeze, some live music and yummy food in the countryside, just outside of Cazenovia, NY
After our fill of food, drinks and music we headed towards home making a stop at Yellowbrick Road casino in Chittenango, NY. I ended up winning about $80-

Sunday I was up early and ready for an adventure. Tammy and I were heading to Naples, NY for a hike in the creek.
 This was a Women Outdoors event. Planned by one of the members, Carol. I have so much enjoyed these outdoor adventures and have met some lovely ladies.
Today's hike was at  Grimes Glen in Naples, NY.

I was so glad I brought my water shoes as most of the trail was IN THE CREEK.
Naples, NY by the way is BEAUTIFUL!!!! It is about an hour and 45 minutes drive south west of my home, but 100% worth the drive.

 There were about 16 of us from the Women Outdoor's group who participated in this event. Once we were all set...the hike began. We were off.

 The trail started on a nice path along the creek.

As we walked the creek was ever present to our right. 

 Before to long we were forced to turn back or walk in the water.
 Time to get our feet wet. Several people started out stepping from rock to rock along the creek.

 I got right IN!!!!

 I was thrilled to be walking in the water!!! Below are some of the new women who came for the fun.

 Keeping on we made our way over the running cool water and over the rocks.

 Where this walk lead us was this beauty!

One of the two waterfalls along the trail.

What was so awesome about these waterfalls was we could actually get right up in them.

I took a video as we were approaching the falls and there was a little boy climbing up and sliding down. I didn't dare shimmy my way up the falls for I know for sure I would fall on my butt. However HOW COOL would it have been to climb up there?

After several pictures of the falls and even more selfies.. We were able to convince passerbyers to get a picture of all of us. 

 And here we are....

 Soon we were off again and heading to a second falls. I walked in some of the deepest parts of the creek. I was LOVING THIS.

 The patterns on the rocks from years of water running over them was incredible.
 All along the creek walls were beautiful sights like this.

 Some areas of the creek were smooth plates that resembled a pool, where other areas were rocks we were forced to climb.

 Here comes Tammy....

 One we got to the end of the trail. (If you even want to call it a trail) we were gifted with the second waterfall and a very small cave.

 I was so excited to walk out to right beneath the flowing water.

One of the more braver members (Anna) got right into the pool below. It was COLD.

 This small cavern between the slate rocks was open for adventure. Although we could only step a few feet in and we hit rock wall it was still pretty cool. Carol reported that earlier in the spring this year it was filled with water.

We all enjoyed a little time by the falls. 

There was a trail at the bottom of the falls that lead up over the top. Ropes had been added to assist in the climb. Two of the women made an attempt at the climb. They actually got pretty high.

I would have enjoyed the opportunity to climb up....but my fear of falling coming down was enough deterant to keep both feet soundly in shallow creek waters.
A friend was found. I searched for some crayfish or other creatures but no luck.
 Soon we were heading back...

 Back by waterfall number 1...

I was told about these little yellow flowers. I am sure they have another name, but Mary called them No touch ems. 

 They form little pods that when ready will pop and spread their seeds. Several of us lightly touched some of these pods and pop!!! This is what came out. It was SOOO COOL!

 I love how the moss grows on these stumps and rocks.

Before we all knew it we were back towards the trail entrance. What a great hike with some wonderful women. 

Tammy and I changed back into our street shoes and said our goodbyes...We were told we had to stop and get a homemade grape pie at Cindy's. 

 I have never had a grape pie and honestly I was a bit reluctant. The very nice gentleman at the door offered us a taste of a grape tart. YUMMY!!

Of course I had to buy some to take home. I told the gentleman that there were many other ladies coming too. (Sure enough many of the Women Outdoors stopped behind us.) I explained about the Women outdoors group and our hope to do a fall trip to Lake Placid. He drew a map of a trail in the area that he reported was one of the most beautiful hikes he has ever had. I am really excited about the trip to the woods in September. 
Tammy and I had a very late lunch at Bob and Ruth's Vineyard restaurant. Our spunky (Guessing about 80 year old) waitress was all about making us chuckle. I even asked her if she was Ruth. She denied it. When I asked about adding Onion rings to the order of homemade hot turkey and fries she commented...your already getting french fries. I laughed asking if I was looking a little to hippy? She added the rings to the order just the same. 
When I spilled smeg on the the paper place mat ruining my FREE wine tasting coupon, she gave me a hard time stating I did not need to be going to the winery either. Tammy got a big laugh about all of this. I was confused if she was serious or not. When I couldn't possibly eat another bite of my meal, she called me "naughty" for wasting food. She even pointed this out to another waitress and noted to the gentleman near us that he had cleaned his plate. This had Tammy in stitches. When she was unable to finish her own meal I made it well known that she was indeed naughty too. 
It was all in good fun!!! OR was it? We laughed about it for some time after we left and gave her a nice tip too. By the way....the FOOD was Unbelievable.....even those onion rings that apparently took up too much room in my tummy to finish my meal. 

Tammy and I are always finding a winery on our travels and when in Naples....we had to have some more grapes. It just so happened one of our favorite wines, Hazlett's has a second location right here on the main street... 

Even better, I had a smeg free place mat ready for a free taste testing.  

 The area surrounding this winery. (It was not originally Hazlett's) is simply charming. What a wonderful place.
 Our server was so nice. He even gave us a few extra sips and a pen. Oh yeah and took our picture too. Both Tammy and I went home with a big bottle for later!

 GRAPES everywhere......

Sooooo. if you are ever in Naples NY....I recommend a stop! Go for a creek walk, try a grape pie, eat some onion rings at Bob and Ruth's and sip some much enjoyed wine from Hazlett's. I am sure there were so many more things that Tammy and I could have found to enjoy in this sweet little town, but time often goes to fast....back to work tomorrow and we have over an hour ride home. Until next time....TTFN!