Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Syracuse Art & Cultural Festival.

Downtown Syracuse, NY
July 28th 2017

Saturday morning Kelly and the boys left early to get back to Rochester. Mark was off golfing, Gavin was sleeping, Lexi was doing Lexi and I was itching to do something.
My office had reported plans of being involved in the Cultural festival downtown and I have never been to this event so I call my mom. Ironically, she was planning on attending the festival herself. It was a date.

It took us awhile to find parking. Even though it was early there were still several people already engaged in the activities the city had provided for this weekend. As we walked towards the city center from the car I took a few pictures. (Pictured above is a building I do not know the name of.)

My mother asked if I remembered our first walk around Syracuse shortly after moving to the area when I was a child. I admitted I did not recall. She suggested that we visit the inside of the State Tower building, as she always admired the art deco design within in. I had to admit it was impressive stuff.
We admired the lobby area. My mother reports that they are making apartments in the upper floors.

It's pretty cool.

Strolling further we take a glance at one of the several art pieces throughout the city. I didn't realize this was actually a hand.
Another building I always found impressive.
As we rounded the corners we came into the heart of the arts festival. Here we found the streets lined with colorful drawings. Street art made of chalk drawings.
This one was pretty impressive.

The one below is being drawn by my co-worker, Shelly's daughter. She is pretty talented. Later she offered face painting at the Circare booth.

Love this guy.
This one if pretty cool too.
Fly free butterfly.

Once we passed the street art we headed into the rows upon rows of arts and craft tents.

There was all kinds of art pieces. Paintings, quilts, wood carvings. Anything you could imagine made from talented artists. My mother and I especially enjoyed this tent that had these cute little "Bar Flies" made from wine cork and flattened beer tops.

This booth had some pretty interesting creatures all made from discarded items.
The owl of course was one of my favorites.

I was also impressed with these hanging pieces.
They would be lovely both in house or in the garden.
I was WOW'd by these pieces, all made from forks...(The picture at the very top was also a piece from this artist.)

Several of the area church's had their doors open for guests on our walk. This church in Columbus Circle is being reconstructed to it's original beauty. 

More pieces...these flowers were also pretty cool using spoons and other cutlery.

Another church. I simply love the stained glass.
My mother visited with some of her friends who had items for sale, before we decided to have a soft serve ice cream for lunch.
I took one last picture of art that I found pretty interesting. Gourd art.
I tried a few wines and we heard some music before heading back to towards the cultural area.
We arrived just as the dancing had begun. Do you see what is hanging above the stage? That is my company logo Circare.

Mom and I stayed and watched the Native American dancing.
The women danced traditional native dancing.

Then the men.

and finally the older men.

Several of the dancers made their way off the stage and offered a multi-generational dance.

After the dancing. Mom and I said hello to some of my co-workers who were working the Circare booth before we headed back to the car. My walk app informed us that we had walked over 2 miles. Nice! And what an enjoyable day with my mom. TTFN