Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017

Central NY
October 21-31st

Happy Halloween!!!!

The last 10 days have been pretty busy. I had my first paper back from school 100% AWESOME and the scores from my first exam. (I'm so embarrassed I am not sharing the score.)NOT so good! Basically two weeks to get paperwork done at work that should have been completed in March (This was not my fault, but a missed regulation at the job.) I applied for an internal position at work. Dressed for the Halloween season three more times since my party, lost 9 pounds (according to weight watchers scales.) and about to pass treats out to the neighborhood kids. I AM SO READY for a TRIP!!!! I do not see one in my near future however.
BUT...I have had a pretty good time...just the same.

Last Tuesday after an incredibly CRAPPY morning and some major storm showers...I looked up and saw this rainbow. It only lasted for a few moments but it was sure pretty. Made me remember that I need to count my blessings.

Wednesday and Thursday I counted all of my weight watcher points...and sticking to my goals!

Friday was BUNCO. We needed a tons of subs and I invited Tammy. She had a ball. We had a Halloween themed Bunco night.
On the way to Gina's house I spotted this sight. A complete mattress on top of a compact car. I was given "the finger" after I took the picture by the guy holding the mattress up. WOW!

I didn't really dress up for Friday evenings BUNCO, but I kept the spirit with Minnie Mouse ears. 
 Someone made cupcake BRAINS! Pretty DISGUSTING. Even more DISGUSTING is the 11 points these babies cost me in ww points. Live and learn I guess.
 Some of the girls costumes for the evening....

Stef (Eyore) won BUNCO!!!!

Tammy won BUNCO 3xs. Pretty good for her first time ever playing, must be beginners luck. She walked away with the most BUNCO's that night. 

 I won 4th place and Tammy won the most BUNCO's, GREAT evening was had!!!

(Tammy with her wine, winnings and a cupcake brain!) Tricia and Gina.

Saturday, I made it to the gym, grocery store and had things cleaned up before Mark and I headed out to Del Lago resort and casino for a Halloween Bash!

 Mark had been invited to an evening of festivities. Although I did not wear a costume to this event. I did have my Maleficent leggings on. We arrived at the casino early and had several hours of game time. There were contests going on all day. No big winners this time, but we had a fun time.

 Dinner was in the banquet hall. There were some weird items on the menu. LIKE OMG!!! A whole pig!
They also had "bat wings", "bloody ribs", and pumpkin soup. Even the deviled eggs were green and black. Thank Goodness for the SALAD! I stayed in my ww points with no problems that evening. EWWWWEEE!!! No thanks.

The cupcakes however......even though they tried to make them "gross" and scary they sure did look YUMMY.

Notice I wrote LOOKED....I did not have one. (I learned from the brains...)to many points, I had those points racked up in my lite beers.

No cupcakes eaten here but we sure look like we are having fun.

The band was awesome. I really enjoyed this part of the evening.

 After the final song and two more contest winners. (We did not win...) They opened up the PARTY tent.

 The decor was insane. Open bar and a DJ. The party went on til mid-night, but we ended early. We're old you know.
 Modelo was one of the promos of the evening. I had one. Not bad. I also scored a sugar skull key chain and Mark a new baseball cap.

Wonderful way to celebrate the Halloween festivities.

Monday I made it to bible study. I missed church on Sunday and I have NO excuse.

 Today....we had a Halloween Party at work!!!

I went as a Hippie! Aimee as a panda and Barb was in a bubble bath.

There were more desserts and sweats then I could handle around every office corner today. Stayed away!!!!!
 Mary was this adorable elf.

 Leighanne was "dark", Annie was ready to chop some wood, while Kim was ready to cut off some heads.

 We had a Freddy, a bat(Annemarie) and a Jack Skellington (Meghan)

Nate was a Killer CLOWN. 

Add caption
A witch(Amy) and a Handmade.(Annie) 
 And Kelly with her pumpkin belly!
 NY is in the house. (Dicy) and look at Stefanie in her Halloween Jack Skellington LuLaroe.

We all had so much fun having the opportunity to dress up at work today. We even had a contest. I think that Barb will win. Somehow with all this activity we were still able to do our jobs. I don't think my clients even realized that I was suppose to be in costume.

As October comes to an end, I say goodbye until another year of tricks and treats. What a wonderful spooky Halloween season. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Halloween Party 2017

Central NY
Oct. 21st 2017

The last few weeks have been busy doing a whole lot of nothing. I had my first exam at school, submitted my first paper and been busy with work.
Things at work have continued to be stressful. More changes with the regulations from the good old state of NY is making my job much less appealing. Documents and more documents, timelines, re-do's.....people are not paper and they do not fit in a nice little box with a bow for the insurance company to approve. At any rate, I am increasingly becoming less and less fond of my current position. I applied for a trail position in house that may or may not last more then six months.
I hate to admit, that I really do not care. 
I also joined weight watchers.Honestly something has to change in the way I eat....made it back to the gym. Working on creating a routine, and keeping life simple....I LONG for a getaway somewhere and each facebook post or blog I read has me green with envy that I am not out there in my RV enjoying one of the most beautiful falls central NY has had....

But.....I digress...I held my annual Halloween party early this year in an attempt to prevent to many conflicts in alternative parties closer to the 31st.I have been hosting a Halloween party for so many years I cannot remember when it began. Mark and I have been married coming up on 16 years and I know I had held a few before he and I even met. This has been a long tradition. Each year I think, this will be the last, I cannot keep it up....but it is likely I will have many others as it appears none of us are slowing down. 

My Halloween witch. 

Funny how I decorated the whole house and we only stayed in the kitchen and garage....

 It is always full to spend time with some of my oldest and dearest friends. Plus some of my newer friends that joined us. Great fun. We all realize that we are getting older. YIKES.... I think I will have yet another next year. Perhaps I can decorate my RV and have a camping experience.
Well.....the day calls, I must be getting ready for work. TTFN.