Sunday, January 14, 2018

FROZEN in Central NY, Disney on Ice seems appropriate.

Disney On Ice
Central NY
January 5th 6th and 7th. 2018

This past week Central NY was COLD!!!! ICY!!!! SNOWY!!!! YUCK!!!
Predictions for Friday's weather called off most local schools on Thursday evening. I have never heard of that. My son was grateful. I was conflicted.
Do I attempt to go into work or do I work from home. My first two clients had CA gratefully, but I did have one in the afternoon. Hummmm! I wagered most of my morning at the house returning calls, doing notes and getting caught up. BUTTTTTT!!! Mark is home for a week of vacation and HE WAS DRIVING ME NUTZ! He is so not good at being home. This is one man I foresee will not be good in retirement!
SOOOO....I went into get some work done. Not the wisest thing ever, but I did it. Going in was not to bad. It was snowy and very very very cold, but the roads were not to bad. By 2pm that afternoon, I was having panic over the drive. I had picked up my client at 1:30 and headed to a residential viewing. We were in the house for about 10 maybe 15 minutes. My car was COVERED in snow. The roads were a complete mess and that white stuff just kept on falling. I had to back track to get this guy home then decided the best thing was to get my butt home. Below is my car and the weather outside before I went into work.
Later heading home. This was in like a 3 hour period. It doesn't look nearly as bad in the pictures at it was on the roads. Complete white out in some areas.

I was just glad to be in the house. Decided by 4pm on Friday afternoon, I was not moving til spring.
It's CRAZY how the weather can change that much so quickly. I have lived in NY most of my life. One would think I would be at least accustom to these HARSH reality, but I just hate it. Not that I mind the snow. I love it when the world looks like it has been glittered by a Snow fairy...but I hate the roads and the slush and the cold and the wet shoes....the wipers that are frozen up...On Sunday morning the skies opened up and there was actually some sun. The day was pretty and our deep freeze seemed to stop. I ventured to church...(My first time out since Friday) Despite the warmest day we had in several days (15 degrees) I could NOT for the life of me get warm. I was literally FROZEN to the bone. I did have activities planned for Sunday. An adventure.....

DISNEY ON ICE!!!! (How appropriate.)

My mother had started a tradition with me and my older children when they were little. Every Jan. we took a trip to see Disney on Ice. There were a few years later when my youngest was little that we also went, but mostly I remember going with my older kids with my mother. It was her gift to us each year and we always enjoyed it.
Many years of Disney on Ice have come to Syracuse since, and I have missed it. After all my children are pretty close to adults. Wouldn't I look silly enjoying this show all alone? Maybe...but Danny had mentioned that she had discounted tickets from work....I wasn't even invited (I dont have young children) when I spoke up and said.....can I join you? So an old tradition was re-kindled with new friends....and I was off to Disney on Ice.

Many weeks later, and Disney on Ice a far off thought, my daughter text me and you want to go to Disney on Ice with me and the boys. (Her boyfriends children.). Somehow I had forgotten that there are little ones in my direct family right now. Sad that I had forgotten this, but happy my daughter has began a new (old) tradition with her pre-made family, and I got she and the boys tickets for Christmas.

Although I was sitting in a different area, my daughter and the boys went to the show together and I did get to see their faces before it started.


With the boys and my daughter all set with (expensive) Disney goodies, I found my way to my seat and met up with Sandy; her Birthday girl daughter Liberty, Danny and her daughter Lani.
 We had great seats!!!

I sooooo wanted one of those lights for myself, but I simply could not justify the $25- $30- price tag.
Soon the show had started.

(I had my camera with the telephonic lens attached to get some close up shots.) We had great seats but we were not down in the front.

Aladdin was the first show to be presented. I was trying to figure out my camera at the time. Its not the best camel picture, but I wanted to get him before he was off the ice. My photo skills got better as the show progressed.

This Disney on Ice was a mix of several Disney favorites, but some of the shows I saw with the kids years ago were the entire move. Aladdin was one of them. I remember at one point there were like 50 Geni's on the ice all skating together.
Today's show had several movies and a whole lot of couple skating. (Later the boys asked me why there was so many times the girls were lifted in the air.) Aladdin and Jasmine did a beautiful skate to "A whole new world."

Up next was Snow White and Prince Charming. Some Day my Prince will come.

Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, always reminds me of my Grandmother. She would play the piano and sing these classic Disney songs.

And of course there are the 7 Dwarfs....Who doesn't love Doopey?

Tinker Bell, along with Micky and Minnie were the in between acts. Here she is with all her fairy dust. 

Beauty and the Beast was the next performance. Belle skated with the candlestick and dishes..... Be our Guest.

Up next was a skit from Tangled. This is one movie I do not know well...

The performance was pretty just the same. 

The Little Mermaid came center ice with some incredible acrobats. Flips into the air onto a box while in ice skates....WOW!

Sebastian and all of Arial's sister performed before Arial herself skated in with Flounder.

Soon the whole arena was looking like the bottom of the ocean. Under the sea.

But with every happy princess....there is an evil witch, Or Sea Hag, I guess in this case. Or maybe she is an octopus. I'm not sure...but she is evil.

Ariel is without her beautiful voice.....She must get loves first kiss to save her....lucky for her there just happens to be a Prince around to help her.

..but 1st a little skating.

Following Ariel and Prince Eric's beautiful performance alone to Kiss the girl....was a movie I don't have a lot of reference to. I believe the title is The Princess and the Frog. 

Despite my awareness of the movie....look what fun these skaters had.

But.....oh no! Lurking behind the diming of house lights.....The Evil Maleficent. She has banished Sleeping Beauty to the tower and placed a SLEEP over the Kingdom.

Only the Prince can save her....He battles the beast and makes his way to the sleeping princess.

And once again.....all is happy!

Up next is another story of a Princess who needs a Prince to save her from evil step mother of course.....

and her two evil yet incredibly clumsy step sisters.

Thank goodness Cinderella has a fairy Godmother to get her to the ball. 

An of course, the Prince finds her and they all live Happily ever After!

Up next was FROZEN! (by now I have a pretty good idea how to take pictures with my camera.)

I just love some of these quirky songs....

Once Anna tells her sister of her plans to marry and she saids NO! Elsa's FROZEN side comes out.
We have all HEARD the Song...."let it go...let it go.."

Ana has to find her sister and runs into Hans....and Olaf the snowman.

Elsa cannot control her wintery touch and freezes Ana's heart by accident. 

Only loves true sacrifice can save her....

Of course the sacrifice saves both Ana and Elsa.

Olaf is given his own snow cloud, Elsa and Ana are sisters and best friends....and Ana's real LOVE if Hans.

Then there was the finale. All of the Princes and Princes came out and did a number.

and our fairy Princess Tinkerbell.

...and they all lived Happily Ever After!!!!!!
What a great show..Disney never fails to bring the very best in shows and attractions. I have been so inspired by these gals...I'm hosting a Princess Party myself.   TTFN