Saturday, January 20, 2018

Music, dining, slots and a Hotel: An overnight at Del Lago

Waterloo, NY
Del Lago resort and casino
January 16 &17 2018

My husband is (and perhaps always will be) a gambling man. I have shared several of my spousal perks of being married to such a man in previous posts. This past week I was blessed with yet another perk of his "hobby".

He was given (yes 100% FREE) an overnight stay, concert tickets and dining for Wednesday evening at Del Lago resort and casino.

I took some time off from work to enjoy the fun.

First up was the Free concert:
Green River Revival is a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band.

They were actually pretty AMAZING. Songs like Midnight Special, Have you ever seen the Rain,  Fortunate Son, Proud Mary, Lookin out My Back Door and Bad Moon Rising filled our ears for over an hour and a half. They even did an on cour return to the stage. 

The music was very very good.  I was surprised that  I really enjoyed the show and even more surprised I new most of the songs.
After the show, we checked into the room. We even had a champagne toast check in. 

 The bed was so COMFY!!! I joked with Mark about taking the hotel room and planting it in our house. Bathroom included. 

 Mark and I had a few laughs about the robes.  He had been awarded a free robe from Del Lago a few weeks prior, but had set it down and it was taken. He had complained, but got no results. husband is not one to "Let things go!" So he emailed Del Lago and his "hostess" granted him a new robe before we left on Thursday morning. NICE!!! Guess we will be back....

Included in our FREE stay was a $50- food voucher. The place we were suggested for dinner was closed to we went to Smash Brothers.

Of course I am not one to complain about Burgers and Fries...EVER.....and THESE DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

Yummy!!!!! Mark got Smash Fries and they were SUPER YUM!!!! (Highly recommend)

 After dinner and some relaxation we played some slots. I walked away about $24- richer. Mark was up...down...up....down...He eventually walked away a WINNER!

Later that evening.....

Mark had free food vouchers on his players card that would go to waste so he suggested we do the buffet. Perhaps a little pricey for just dessert, but I have decided that Del Lago has the BEST desserts I've had at a casino!  Maybe even EVER!!!!!
(I struggled to eat much of this plate......but it sure is pretty.) An added bonus to a buffet. You can take anything that catches your eye and NOT feel to guilty if you leave a piece of cake. 
I did eat the ENTIRE slice of Raspberry Cheesecake!!!! Generally one of my vices. 

WOW...what a full day! Evening ended with a fill to my water bottle from the FREE beverage area before heading to the room and a landing softly into that WONDERFUL big bed. 

The following morning...I found George Jr. getting into the goodies...

 Up to now...we only have paid for our tips....Get out of there George.
Ahhhhh!!! What a wonderful break from a usually stressful week. Thanks Lago for the great time.