Saturday, July 28, 2018

Twins of Evil

July 22, 2018
Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie concert
Krockathon at the Lakeview Amphitheater

Mark had gotten tickets to Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie for Sunday night at the Krockathon. He and my son had planned to attend. I was planning an evening of non-interrupted tv time and leftovers. (I had my left over Banana Fosters French toast still waiting for me).
Moments before they were about to leave, my son decides he does not want to go. His gain.

Mark had VIP seating and VIP parking. This made the evening much more enjoyable. Meals and drinks were still expensive. We decided to have some fries, chicken and hot dogs with a $15- wine cooler. The fries and chicken were cold. I guess that's what you get when you are limited to what you have access to.

We made our way to the seats and I was pleasantly surprised that they were pretty good. We had the VIP seating, so we had our own box and a hostess. I have never had a hostess at a concert. WOW!

I enjoyed watching the several "costumed" people who anticipated some of this gothic rock music.

Absolutely no judgement here.
If I could pull off thigh high black boots, black net stockings,a short skirt, pale face make up with dark eyeliner and read lips AND a black tank top  reading ZOMBIE WHORE....YES!!! YES that would be the outfit of choice for the evening event. Instead I managed with a T-Shirt and shorts.

Up first was a band from Canada called Deadly Apples. They seemed pretty good. I have to admit however that I needed to put tissue in my ears. They seemed to have a hard tanging that rang through my head. I spent most of the pre-show with brown recycle napkin sticking out of my ears. I'm getting to old for this stuff.

Up next was Marilyn Mansion. I'm not going to pretend that I know much about the band, or any of his music. This is really Mark's gig. I still enjoyed it. No more napkins in my ears either. His hard is not bass as the previous band.

We attended his show two years ago and he had left the stage for like 20 minutes. He owed Syracuse and made up for that tonight. He did an amazing job.

I enjoyed some of his costume changes.

At one point he asked a audience member for his shirt, and they gave it to him. I think it was a kiss me I'm Irish T-shirt.

I knew the song Sweet Dreams are Made of These as well as Beautiful People.

Marilyn got right in the audience when he was signing Beautiful People.

He and his band did a great job, The music was Incredible and I certainly enjoyed myself.

A break between bands offered an opportunity to stretch our legs. We had nice seats with leg rom and no one in front of us. There was one women who stood right in front of me for awhile..but that got squashed quickly. (I will leave it at that...)

Rob Zombie came onto stage.....WOW!!!!

I do not know a single song by this man/band but I have seen some of his movies.

The stage show was INSANE!!!! I loved the outfits. SUPER COOL!!!!

Its really enjoyable to watch a performance and become invested with the show even if you are unfamiliar with the music itself. He certainly kept it entertained.

Rob Zombie kept it moving too. He is like a few years older then me and he moved on that stage like a jumping bean.....ADHD much? His dread like hair flying around in the lights made it even more cool.

Incredible performance. Great music and stamina. Unlike Mark and I, we are OLD/ tired and both had work in the morning, so we left early.

For a last minute decision, I was so glad I got to go. It was a very enjoyable evening. Next show Mark and I plan to attend is a little less INTENSE....and more my style. Someone call the big hair and neon attire police. Next weekend I go see Pat Benatar and Rick Springfield.  Love is a battlefield....TTFN