Friday, August 17, 2018

Catch up and Aimee's Birthday

August 2018

The last few weeks have been difficult. Mark's medical concerns had several of our vacation plans canceled. He seems better, but we are keeping an eye out. (Not the best time for me to have plans of quitting my job.)I have been frantically taking care of the things I need to take care of before my job ends, and school starts up. I have continued to run into roadblocks with the schooling. It has been at best discouraging, and worst DEVASTATING.

As my dates to start the course work and my internship approach, it appears that I do not officially have placement. I have two weeks before class starts and I NEED placement before the course begins. It is not looking good. Current plans are no changes. My last day of work is Aug. 24th and if all goes well, I will be in school Aug. 27th with my internship running smooth.

IF NOT.....I have 4 months to find placement and return to school in the Spring semester. Of course this is not what I would want to happen, but at least its an option.

I am not going to flood this pleasant trip spot with my bitterness about the whole situation, but SOMEONE DROPPED THE BALL.....!!!!

Despite the vacation canceled, Aimee spent some time at our house last weekend. I did some cleaning, caught up on some good Stephen King novels and spent a ton of time in the pool.

Otherwise...... Alexis passed her school entrance exams, and flew off to Vegas for a girls vacation. (This girl takes after her mother.) Ben started back to school this past week in Florida. Nick received a bonus at work and Gavin is spending these last few summer days like all 15 year old boys....staying up real late and sleeping all day.

Mark got another Cruise voucher. If it is doable...2019 will have at least two cruises and I think I am suppose to spend most of November in Australia and New Zealand. Maybe its in my best interest NOT to be working most of next year.

Well...between the frustrating days at work and the waiting game where time is running out around my internship placement, I did get to celebrate a friends Birthday.
Aimee's birthday dinner was held at Muddy Waters in B-ville. It was not the groups 1st choice, but they were willing to take our large party without a $100- deposit. Burgers....and 2 for 1 drinks it is then.

We all enjoyed each others company. 

Aimee seem to have a good time. 

Saturday I spent at Sandy's scrapbooking. I think this was helpful. It kept my mind off some of my recent stress. She even convinced me to make it to church on Sunday. I went to church, dust flying off my bible. (Well sort of) and spent the rest of the weekend reading and floating in the pool.
Monday is back to life.....

Monday, August 13, 2018

Flashback to the 80's Pat Benatar/ and Rick Springfield Concert

July 27th, 2018
Del Lago Resort and Casino
Waterloo, NY

These last few weeks have been ROUGH! My husband had another medical concern. I have been working on getting myself ready for classes in the fall semester. (This has not gone as planned.) I am working towards my last few weeks at my position. There are some numbers that are needed for stats and I am finding out that I am not good at graphs and entering data. Mark and I had to CA our RV trip last week due to his medical, and opps the dogs rabies were outdated.

I have been stressed to the MAX. We were able to spend one evening away from it all at Del Lago resort for the Pat Benatar and Rick Springfield concert. We had the pit section. This meant standing room only...but we were right up front.

 The music was INSANE!!!! She is still rocking out!

Of course they played her biggest hits.
I sang along to all of them.
She still looks great, and she continues to sing like she always has. The music was incredible.

The lead guitarist is also her husband and band member from back in the day. This man Neil Giraldo is an amazing guitarist. He was big in Pat's development, as well as song writing.

They continue to play today, and have a large following. As the audience this evening proved.

A nice shot of Pat belting it all out. Her rough edge in the 80's is still HARD, but she seems so soft. I guess it was always like that. 

They really did a GREAT job. I was thrilled to be at this show. The music kept coming and coming. They really did keep up the thrill to the very last song.

The show ended with a 10 minute guitar solo. He really went to town.

 The evening was not over yet.....between shows Mark went and got us some drinks, and pretty soon after this day time TV/rock star came out. The girls next to me were so CRAZY about him. It was like a teenaged crush all over.
I  was never a Rick Springfield CRUSHER....but for 69 years old. He still looks pretty good.

and he still knows how to rock out. This man was all over the stage. 

Apparently they have a new album (Do they call them albums anymore?) He played quite a bit of this music, I didn't know it.

He has some real cool guitars.

We didn't stay long enough to hear Jesse's Girl, but I did enjoy what we did get to hear.  (Mark was not feeling well).

It was simply a wonderful evening. I have to say it has been the summer of shows for me this year. I am really enjoying myself. I'm not sure what is next. I guess we will simply have to wait and see.