Friday, November 23, 2018

California/Mexican Vacation:Melrose Ave, Pinks and Madame Tussauds

October 18th 2018
Melrose Ave, Pinks and Madame Tussudes LA

Our return trip from Santa Monica ran right down Melrose Ave. This hip young area would have been lots of fun to visit, but it was getting late and we were super hungry. We had a goal to get to the famous Pinks Hot Dog stand.

Pinks is much more then just hot dogs, this restaurant just off Melrose on LaBrea Ave is infamous. Hot dogs to the stars, Pinks has had hot dog orders from a host of celebrities. I put in the link if you would like to see some of the pictures with some of those famous people.

With a menu to include things like "Jaws", The Ozzy Spice and Lord of the Rings, these hot dogs can only be AMAZING.

Mark and I actually had no idea just how AMAZING these dogs were, or just how much food you got!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I got the LA Chargers Dog. Two LONG hot dogs, chili, french fries, nacho cheese and a side of onion rings. Mark got some burrito dog also including chili, cheese and some other fun stuff. Neither of us could finish our plates.  Not even close.

Best bang for our BUCK in LA. We were so full. I am not usually a hot dog person, but I definitely recommend this place if your in the area. It was incredibly yummy too. All that was left. Even Mark who is the king of finishing up the left overs was done.

After having our fill of hot dogs we made our way back towards the bus stop area and waited...and waited.. and while we waited the day slowly sunk into the Hollywood hills. The red line eventually picked us up and we passed some of the last few stops heading back to the walkway of the stars. We passed The Labrea Tar pits and decided to make it a stop for tomorrow. We were beginning to feel the pull of the long last two days and the traffic was picking up as well which made for a much longer bus ride. By the time we returned to our starting point on Hollywood Blvd. it was dark and the street was a zoo. People were everywhere. Looking at the stars was near impossible. Street performers, people selling (asking for donations) their music CDs, costumed individuals offering pictures (also with a donation) and individuals providing a gospel sign from God above. It was quite lively.
Mark and I really didn't have a plan except to head back to the apartment, but we still had the free Madame Tussaud's tickets that came with our tour and decided to check out the wax figures.

This guy had an amp and all hooked up. It was like a concert on the street. He was playing Bryan Adams.

Then there was this guy and his friend Jason (In the background)
TMC theater at night.
Off we went to Madame Tussauds
There is not a lot to say about this fun place except that Mark and I had a great time being silly with these wax figures.

This one of Betty White looked so real. It was freaky.

Clint and John. Two of Mark's favorite actors.

By the time we were done in the wax museum all we wanted to do was get in bed. We made the short walk up hill to our airbnb and fell out. What a great full day we had! Until tomorrow when we venture on a new line. TTFN