Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Eggs, Make-overs, the mall, and MORE!

I'm a little behind today and have to rush this morning to head out and play Easter Bunny. Friday was a trip right here at home, but was enjoyed with guests; friends came over and we played board games. A nice break in the going going going that most weekends have been of late. We played battle of the sexes and I'm still not sure which sex won! The boys colored eggs (I am not ready for a months worth of egg salad sandwiches, but a mother has to do what a mother has to do). Hoping against hope the boys would still be interested in a egg hunt, and maybe finally we could use my zoo tickets before the expire I had issued an all out war on making a decision for Saturday plans. Noone seems to want to make the treck to the zoo, and my boys announced NO interest in such child things like Easter Egg hunts (although they still insisted that the Easter bunny make his rounds here...lucky me.)

 Let the dying begin!


So what then? Surprise surprise my gal pal called to remind me we had all signed up for make-overs at the mall. Although, I was really not at all interested in this at first, my GF sounded so excited and the family still had not made a sound decision. I agreed! So Saturday morning would be off to the mall, and Saturday afternoon, it was finally decided the YMCA and dinner at Red Robyn (again).
For someone who has not been to Destiny and Red Robyn in quite some time, I have been there a-lot lately.
Plan in place, make-overs at 11am, lunch with the girls,  fun at the YMCA, and dinner at Red Robyn.  So the story begins. Running late and CONVINCED that we had signed up at Macy's for the make-over and having decided that I might just skip it anyways, my one friend and I made it to the make-up counter and guess what? We were not scheduled. The kind woman offered to do them anyways and so my girlfiend begins her beautification. In the meantime, where is our other girlfriend? NOT HERE with US. We call, shes at Lord and Taylors getting her face on. OMG were at the wrong place. I head out to meet Mary at the correct location! WOW she is looking BEAUTIFUL!!!! I even tear up!!!! Tamara meets us, and WOW heres another beauty QUEEN!  Looking SO amazing I decided that I just had to join in on the fun. They offered free water and peppermint patty's (one of my favorite chocolates). The stylests were great, friendly and really made us look fantastic.
 Tammi before the makeover at Macy's!

 Here goes Mary's! I missed her before shot!!! Apparently she was the only one with her head on straight!
 Almost done! She looks angelic. She told me she already was! (angelic that is)

I have decided even with all of these products, I cannot be totally beautifed. Noted throughout all the things that need to be done. Hair, waxing of the lip and brows, not to mention get rid of that fat around my kneck. (as well as the rest of my body).

 Here is my before!!!!!!
 And After!!!!! Hair has got to GO!
I'm not sure what this guy was all about, but I thought he looked cool!!!Maybe beauty is only skin deep and this is what we all look like underneith!!!!
Although I have NEVER even in my VAIN days, and yes there were some, bought make-up from a counter and not a wall with a coupon, but I broke down and purchased 1/2's with Mary and spent $56.00 on two tiny items!!!! Still hitting myself and questioning if it was REALLY worth it? Plus the checkout girl toooooook FOOREVER!!! She was longer then the actual make-over!

Wall Shot! Could we have found ANYONE to take a trio shot? Of course not! Some people are SO rude!
After the wall shots we headed to the food court for (a quick, because it was NOW 1pm) lunch. I have not had Popeye's chicken since I was in my teens, and my GF Mary (here) and my other GF Carol (not with me here, but still good friends infact she joined us Friday night) lived together and my boyfriend at the time's best buddy worked at Popeye's and we lived off left-overs. Feeling a little remencent of those days I waited, and waited and waited in the Popeye's line! Finally, I took a detour got some God awful General Tao's Chicken with really bad tasting low main, and soy sauce on my shirt!!! DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT GET MALL CHINESE FOOD AGAIN! ( sorry if I offended any praisers of mall chinese food.) MINE SUCKED!  a little PO'd over my lunch, but happy with my beloved company! I smiled a smile that we ladies got to have fun getting beautifed together! They are both BEAUTIFUL women inside and out and so blessed to have them as my friends!  
My two beautiful friends eating a lunch they actually enjoyed! not from the Chinese place!

 The boys having fun in the pool!

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the YMCA in Fayetteville at the waterpark. Mary and I worked out in the gym. Of course my hubby had to comment how silly it was to get makeovers then go to the gym and swim, but so what! Went swimming, and soothed in the hot tub, before we chowed down at Red Robyn before we called it a full day. Got home and watched Psyche before the lids started to close and it was nite nite time! Happy Easter!