Friday, March 22, 2013

Flash back Friday: Wonderworks Dec. 2012

 Upside down building. Interior near the ticket counter. View below is the upside down room.

I mentioned Wonderworks in a previous post so I thought that I would tell about our adventure there. Wonderworks is located in Destiny Mall in Syracuse and the exterior of the building is upside down. I believe the premis is that there was some time space mess up and the building flew and landed upside down. (I just looked it up and there was a labotory experiment gone wrong in the Burmuda triangle and a vortx swept the building away). Anyways....Admission is not cheep and the plan was to send the boys in on their own to save a little cash, but KIDS cannot go in alone. We fretted a little and finally, after a bill over $60-plus tax. I went in with them! It is cool! Basically it is all kinds of hands on science stuff. There is a wind tunnel, electric waves and water the flows upward
There is Mind a mind control booth. Were the boys attempted to beat one another at moving a ball with only their minds. My little guy beat me, and his brother. I was really trying hard. I was told after that the key is not to have ANYTHING going on in your head. NO wonder he kicked my butt! The boys raced against each other in electric race cars and attempted to outscore the other playing air hockey that was computer generated. There is NO puck and you play with your hands. Lights indicate where the puck is only. Really NEAT!
Water that flows UP!
. The shadow box, where the kids posed and a shadow was left on the wall.

 Playing a little GIANT sized SIMON! and sleeping on a bed of Nails. I actually did the nail bed too. Let me assure you they are indeed REAL nails!! and yes you could feel them poking you!

The wall of pixi sticks. I love how this picture turned out. It totally reminded me of Harrison Ford frozen in the Star Wars movie. There was a graviton machine and a moving indoor rocket, that for reasons I can never understand, both boys refused to engage in. I personally am a GET all you can GET kindof gal and was pushin for them to try it. No luck and honestly as much of a FREAK I am, I wasn't about to lock myself in a round metal ball and hang upside down either. I was into the rocket ride, but felt funny going by myself. It is for the kid isn't it? We did all enjoy the 3-d movie ride. These are always fun. Movies that interact with seats that move along with the picture, wind blowing in your face etc. We went on three different movie series. Rollercoasters, old mines/ghosts, and some rocket into space. I enjoyed this part the most. We ended the adventure playing with bubbles in the bubble area, checked out the cool puzzel pictures on the exit wall and called it a day. Hubby was waiting for us at the end.  
 Enjoying the Bubbes!
It was all fun! I'll admit, it is not something that I can see myself going to again anytime soon. I try and do things that I haven't done more then once, but there might come that day when. For now, we can say, we did it and we all enjoyed it!  Helpful hints for those who plan to attend. Admission price is for all day so if you want to go you can enjoy the mall and the meals and return later for more fun. We opted out and headed back home, but it could make for a full day event, and as I mentioned before there are SO many things to do at the mall too.
That wraps up a flashback Friday. Not much on the trip radar for this weekend. Looks like I might be on the down low for the next few days. Party this evening (Adult Romance) always a good time! Saturday might be CLEANING this place, but there is this cool camping/outdoor show at The Turningstone going on. So I might convince family to do that. Sunday I am hosting my own scrappin business party. ANYWAYS...ITS SNOWY AND COLD outside and the only trip I really want to take is to the TROPICS and I don't see that happening, so I might just warm up inside and travel in my mind to a good book.