Monday, March 18, 2013

NO more seats!!!!

I mentioned a few posts back that I locked in on FREE movie tickets to see "The Croods" and we were all prepared to enjoy this annimated film. After the hell I had printing these babies I was even more excited then the rest of the family. We got to Destiny (back again) mall, tickets in hand and heading to the booth and BAM!!! A line curved around the glass elevators and the movie was to start in about 15 minutes! It seemed EVERYONE had scored these FREE tickets too! RUMOR was NO MORE SEATS! WHAT???? WHAT??? No more seats!!! The rumor was true and there were NO MORE SEATS! Now what? Well we were offered an opportunity to come back next week, or watch ANY movie we wanted today! The boys were elated, I was a little bumbed, hoping the popular censes would lean towards "OZ"! My vote was overruled. Instead we scored four tickets to "Burt Wonderstone". Not at all my first or even second pick, but my vote was over turned. Tickets printed, but have an hour 1/2 before the show starts.
We decided to head into the new part of the mall and check out the Pole Position raceway. How incredibly cool is it to have a raceway on the third floor of a mall? Very cool. We watched a few races, ran into my little guys previous teacher and his principal, before the hubby went to review the pole position prices. WOW! It is NOT cheep, and you have to purchase a temporary licence for $5- extra just to ride. It may be cool, but we can do some go carts for  "el cheep oh" in Lake George. Kids wern't convinced, but accepting! Next? Took a stroll over to the Wonderworks science museum, and viewed the climbing excursion, (we have done the Wonderworks perhaps that will be my Flashback Friday trip), butthe boys have not done the climbing. By the way NONE of these are CHEEP! Not happening today, sorry fellas. Maybe next time, or maybe I'll score some promo tickets or something. Anyway, off to check out the indoor golf...ALSO VERY EXPENSIVE, and get an inside view and menu read of Toby Keiths resturant "My Bar". They plan to install a mechanical bull, (that should be interesting), but the food looks pretty typical of everything BBQ!  Hubby wondered if they

served their drinks in red SOLO cups. We didn't see any so were guessing NOT.  We scored a few snacks had soda's that I brought with me and headed back to the theater area. Found our seats and watched Burt Wonderstone. Good movie, but easily with no problems waited til it was out on DVD, but enjoyed just the same. Kids liked it! Movie over and the day coming to an end, we headed home. Had dinner and called it a good trip on a Sunday afternoon. I got an email this morning asking if I had enjoyed the Croods. Wonder if I should write them back and tell them there we no more seats left, but thank them just the same. Maybe they'll send me some more???? One can hope can't they? TTFN til my next adventure.
 The boys HATE my picture taking when I get them, but they especially HATE when it is of random things, so I tried really hard to be descrete about what pictures I got. Did get one of them in the theater and surprise they all looked at the camera and did not cover their faces!