Saturday, March 16, 2013


 The YMCA East! Was our original Y before we moved so we often refer to it as the old Y, although it is much newer then the North Y that we go to more freqently.

This Y has a water slide, Kiddie pool, olympic lap sized pool, a jucuzzi and a therapy pool.

 Shooten hoops!
As predicted, the boys did not wake til later in the morning, so we decided on a trip a little more local. Not to mention the weather was not appealing for a day at the zoo. We decided on a trip to the YMCA and a late lunch early dinner at Red Robin. So the YMCA might not sound so exciting, but we went to a different Y then the one we usually go to, plus it has a water park, hot tub and an amazing exersize room. Located in Dewitt, NY is this impressive YMCA. The boys played a little B-Ball while I hit the gym. Then we all enjoyed the indoor water park. I did some laps and soaked in the hot tub before I deep dried in the sauna.
 Our first experience with Red Robin was on a return trip from either Florida or Philly. We couldnt remember, but we never forgot this yummy meal had at the only resturant for miles in the middle of PA. We were supper Pumped when one opened up in our area about five years ago!

After some fun at the YMCA we went accross the parking lot to Red Robin.
Dinner was slow, as they seemed to be down staff, but once we were seated we got thefood quick. I used my free TOWER of Onions coupon and we all had burgers and fries. Go figure!!! One of my favorites about Red Robin is the bottemless Fries and Bottemless strawberry lemonade. I didn't do either today and had LOTS of leftovers. The onion filled us all UP! Another recommended resturant!!!! So enjoyed a little trip out of the ordinary!