Friday, March 15, 2013

RETRO Friday: Adirondack Museum 2011

 Lounging in the BIG Adirondack chair!

It's Friday morning and as I have a little time I thought I might highlite a trip I took awhile back...I am thinking I might do this from time to time. Since I am trying to keep a log of my trips and I most certainly have traveled in the past and it's unlikly I will be back, here's a little RETRO trip! This was a day trip we took in late Aug, of 2011. The Adirondack Museum.
 i had to get thic pic in the train station display.

It is certainly harder to recap a trip taken over three years ago, but this Museum in the heart of the Adirondacks was one I wont forget! We were visiting my husbands mother with plans to do something exciting for the day. Yours truly had a COUPON and off we went. Although I thought it was a little pricey (even with the buy one get one coupon I had) at first, once we were inside it was totally worth the money even without the coupon. This museum is ALL about life in the Adirondaks! Living in a log home, there is a hands on log home that my son just loved! He even washed clothing at the old washer and hung them to dry. Children's old time games (yes there were things for kids to do before the x-box) my little guy tried the stilts and ran with a hoop. There is a one room school house and writing on a slate! Several old buildings and a nice presentation of life in the Adirondacks.
 Here is an old stagecoach!

 And the beauty! This picture is overlooking the beautiful Arirondack sceenery!

 Putting out forest fires! And of course there was the 1980 WINTER OLYMPICS! USA hockey team scored GOLD that year!
 Smokey the Bear!
 Checking out the fish!
Then there was the CAMPING! There was a room full of camping, fishing, traping! dont like tents? How about a Adirondack lean too or a snuggly warm cabin. Not interested in the recreation? There is everything you could ever want to know about Industry in the AOD's! Logging was big! So was the railroad!

 The Watch Tower!
 loggers needed to brand their logs! Each company had it's own branding label. Here my son, brands his own piece of wood. Hard work taking up the water!
What an absolute wonderful time we had. My son who was 7 at the timeenjoyed all of the hands on activites and we all enjoyed getting a little history about an area I have loved since I was a child. We enjoyed a nice lunch overlooking the great beauty of Adriondack park! It was definately a trip I would enjoy on a second visit, and would encourage anyone to visit!