Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stella's Diner

Last evening I was off with a few of my girlfriends. It was not exactally a trip, but we did get out and about and had a delicious and cheep meal at Stella's dinner in Syracuse. Highly recommended and always busy. Stella sits in the North end of Syracuse with in eye shot of the Destiny mall. (It might be a good hike and I wouldn't recommend the walk.) The food was yummy and I can't say it more than once a good price for the amount. I had my usual burger and fries. (Someday I will step out of that box...).  After dinner we had to get my girlfriend a shamrock shake for desert, and a D&D coffee for another. Spent the rest of the evening with these two lovely ladies being silly, singing The Carpenters, Stix and Journey songs, before we headed off to the bowling ally to get my friends hubby. Met a long time friends wife and enjoyed some time with friends at the bowling ally bar before we headed home. Nice night spending time with friends. Weather might prevent the plans for todays adventure, plus the boys were up so late I am not sure we will get out of here til at least noon, and I was informed last night before I left that there was a birthday party invite. Might be were making our trip for the day a little more closer to home today then originally thought.