Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter without Tradition.

This Easter Holiday other then the Egg hunt was like most Sunday's. I read the Sunday paper, cut my coupons, watched a little tv, read some of my book and watched a movie. I never made it to church or had an Easter dinner. No, there was no traditional Easter present in this home. I'm not sure why. I guess I could have made myself at least get to Church. Not that I am excusing my behaviors, but I think that the Holiday itself came much to early this year and perhaps I am just lazy. My older children have no interest in the Egg hunts, and although they may have attended church with me, neither was around at 9:30 am and my younger two although they enjoy seeking out the plastic eggs scattered around the yard, both have been avodant of the Church for as long as I can remember. I suppose I could insist that all of my family conform to my belief, but starting now will only present itself with rebutal. My elder children never had a choice growing up. They did, went, and followed what MOM said. My younger two however, have two voices. Mine and their fathers. My husband was raised Jewish and now reports he is "nothing", if you can claim such a thing. This being said, my younger two have not been as exposed to the church or any religious affliation what so ever. I tried when they were younger certainly and I have also had success, where all of the family has attended with me. But the last few years both Christmas and Easter have been a flat NO. So instead, it  became a less than traditional Easter then I would have liked. To top it off, it rained! The boys successfully completed their egg hunt before it rained, but it didn't stop all day after that and still is a steady rain this morning.
 Hidden Eggs and Easter Bunny gifts.

So no religious services, no cute and cuddly Easter bunnies, I didn't even buy the kids peeps for their baskets this year. No sunshine to remind me of spring. No outdoor adventures had at the local parks (usually to break in their new spring/summer gifts or get ourselves out of our house.) We didn't even go to a dinner buffet or host a family ham dinner ourselves, infact the hubby picked up Tully's and as we shoveled down chicken strips dipped in ranch dressing, we didn't even discuss the holiday.  Instead we discussed what might happen on the season Finale of The Walking Dead later that night, which gun works best for the black opts video game, and intermittedly my step son kept getting "face time" from some old women he didn't know on his iphone. So is this what Easter has come to? Hunting eggs, getting gifts and munching on candy all day as we sit in front of a electric box? It is truely sad, and saddest of all, I dont know how to fix it. My children are getting older and I am getting less enthuastic about keeping the tradition. I'm not vowing to make next Easter some over extreem religious hell for my non-believing family, but I am going to request some respect and insist they attend at least a service. I'm gonna make sure I add those peeps, even if no one ever eats them, and I will make either reservations or cook a ham myself next year....and damnit, It better not rain, snow, blizzard, but the sun better be out so we can get outside and have some outdoor fun.