Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hair cuts, pole position racing and finally, a bite of Popeyes.

After the amazing make-overs on Saturday and the realization that I need to get my hair cut, I got the brilliant idea; as seen on some "cheepskates" website to cut my hair. I am not a hair stylist, and I have no business putting sissors to hair for any other reason then getting gum out of it or because I am on the run and need to change my idenity quick. Neither a or b applied, but I pony tailed my long locks, brushed it out and started to cut....more like I began to saw off my hair. 10 inches later, my hair is gone filling a 4th of a waste paper basket. It sounded like a good idea at the time. Needless to say, I now needed a hair cut, no turning back, no procrastination it was done. I tried the mall, and they were booked for another few hours, so I went to another place around the corner with no wait.
not the best picture, but here is my new hair cut.
I like it lots!
Monday was my son's birthday. He turned 20. Cannot believe that girl (in the photo) has a 20 year old child. I promiced him I would get him something which I did, then offered to provide a dinner and cake. He decline on the cake, but requested dinner at Popeyes. Had he known I was just there trying to score some popeyes chicken? originally the plan was pole position racing with all three boys and the hubby. I was planning on meetng thecrew after work for dinner. No word or where to meet etc, I called home and they had not gone to the mall. I made my way home and took him myself. The 20 year old was more like a teen when we signed him up for stockcar racing. He was so giddy! I tried to get my youngest to go, but he was not having it. After signing away his first born Nick was registered and preparing to race with the big dogs.
 Signing his life away!
He attended a 10 minute film, got in gear and was ready to race.

I took at least 100 pictures using the sports feature on my camera. Here's just a few. We were sure he had come in first. He sure looked like he was having fun.
After his laps, he was issued a printout of his performance, third based upon his speed. We were happier thinking he took the race, he was the first to cross the finnish line. All pumped up, and per his words "the adralin has made me hungry" we made our way to the food court to dinner.  
 Pole Position Raceway at Destiny Mall.
We arrived just in time to beat the dinner rush. All three of us ordered chicken and fries, which came with a bisket. YUMMY! Although the anticipation was more tasty then the meal, I only had two chicken strips and a few fries left in the cajun labeled take out box before I called it "belly full".  I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with my youngest and eldest. I think my son can say he had a pretty happy 20th birthday too!

Really MOM!!!