Monday, April 15, 2013

Regional Market and OTB!!!

Got up early to hit the local Regional Market- for those less articulate like myself, The Flea Market; I wonder why it was called the flea market (is it cauz you could get flea's from that old used matress you just picked up at $5.00?), I'll have ot look that up. Just looked it up and I cannot believe how close I was. It has more to do with second hand items in France, but I thought it was pretty funny as the definition did infer fleas from such items. Anyways, I went to the Flea Market with Renee and David and was simply overwhelmed by the sheer mass of stuff for sale!!!! I must have sounded like some freak, " Would you look at that...." " Can you believe they have this?" "OMG!!! Who would buy that?" "Isn't that cute.", "tell me for real the price for those video games are really that cheep." and " Would someone REALLY pay that much for that?". If the items were not enough to gauk at, the people sure were. Just where do these people come from anyways?  All in all it was truly an awesome experience. Thinking this would be a great score for items for my Dad for Christmas, they had some really neat vintage items that he would love. What I went absolutely CRAZY for were the vintage items (is the 1970's vintage?) that I rememberd as a child. Check out these little characters.
 I used to love the Fisher Price LITTLE PEOPLE. How fun were these little guys. I played for hours and hours with them and their little houses, cars, planes, and campers.
  Or how about these glasses. I thought they were an Arby's promo but Renee said McDonalds. I just remember they were all over my Grandmother's house. I remember my uncle referring to them as someday being collectors item's. I guess they sure appriciated in value from free with a fast food sandwich and pepsi to a $6- mark up.
 How about these new items. I thought these posts were so cute for the lawn. Or perhaps in front of my RV some day.
 Or how about these!!!! CHOCOLATE deviled EGGS!!!
 Renee and David enduring my antics and picture taking, at least Renee is smiling.
The Regional Market!
 After some flea markert fun, I took the hubby out for a late lunch at OTB. Yes Off Track Betting! He loves the horses and gambling on a race, and I had promiced we (being me and the boys) would take him there for Christmas, (So I'm a little late). Anyway we pack up the car and crossed the county border to Pheonix (There is NO gambling in Onondaga County, I do not know why). The kids(Under 18 is illegal to be anywhere else in the building) and I sat in the eating area; which looks like the rest of the building only there is a place to buy food and drinks. If you have never been to an OTB, it's really an interesting place. There are about 60 televisions with at least 6-8 different races from around the country going on. Other then the race announcers, a trumpet going off to signal a race to start, and a few patrons yelling for the #5 horse, it's rather quiet otherwise.
 Hubby ordered lunch and was quickly off to place a few bets. We enjoyed a nice lunch as we watched his horses come accross the finish line. He came home over $200- richer. The boys ate and played with their hand held game systems, we played scratch off tickets, (I lost everyone) but did actually had a horse to place second and collected $7-. The meal was as good as it can be from a place like this. I had may signature dish of burger and fries. We did enjoy ourselves, the boys were well behaved, and my hubby had a GREAT time, which was why we had gone in the first place. Personally, I have no desire to return, I'm just not into the whole throw my money into the wind (I usually lose) and I have no desire to so research on the horses etc. Mark has tried to explain the statics to me, but it's all to much information. I usually dont actually bet my money, but will play fortune teller by picking the horse I like by the horses name and sometimes my hubby will play the horse for me. Hey, its not cash outta my pocket and if I win I walk away with a smile. Today, the one who was really smiling was my hubby as he had his favorite things all in one room, his family, some food and some off track betting!