Saturday, May 18, 2013

A "Prime" dinner and a Scrappen good time!

Part I-Thursday evening I went to one of the most delicious dinner's I have had in a long time, and what made it even more yummy....SBH paid for it!
Our outpatient clinic obtained the OASAS three year certification and we were awarded with a voted upon choice dinner and Prime won the vote. I had never even heard of this restaurant hidden in the heart of down town and it was so yummy. I haven't stopped talking about how yummy for the last two days. Despite all the complaining I do/did about SBH, I can't say they don't celebrate their employee. This bash was amazing. I couldn't stop making yum sounds. The appetizers was sea food, which I don't eat...ever and the main course was steak; which is always good, but I personally am not a preferred steak person (burgers and fries always seem to be my number one.) This steak was SOOO GOOD I was bursting with joy upon each bite, this was of course after I had eaten a delicious Caesar salad and at least three rolls with a honey butter to die for. I was so full I had to bring the fillet home and thought about it's yumminess all night.
 Look at this Yumminess!!!! It was perfectly cook, no fat no toughness. It was pure heaven.
 Mac and cheese with shrimp ( I passed on this)
 Carolyn's salmon.
 Garlic Mashed potatoes!!!! These were yummy tooo!!!
I had gone around and taken pictures of my co-workers to remember them, as this may be the last time I will be with them in an entertaining environment. We had so much fun. My co-worker Darlene, who is also leaving next week. Were simply "out of control" we were laughing and joking!
 Jessica and (I cannot pronounce or spell her name so I wont try, she is new)
 Some old timers. Susan (Who if not for her I might have never came back to SBH) Chris and Chris husband and wife! When ever paging one or the other they had to distinguish between Nurse Chris or simply Chris.
 Lisa and Larry.
 Cynthia and Susan again!!!! Both incredibly sweet people.
 God Bless Carolyn. I will miss her lots. She is the quiet type that under it all has a wild streak, plan to get together with her in the future for some fun no doubt. Joanne, she's is leaving outpatient and working for residential. Good Luck to her!
 Here we are the trio of "outta control". Darlene, myself and Carolyn. I am so glad that I got a chance to work with Darlene, she and I are so much alike it is CRAZY!!!! I am sure our journey as friends will not cease here. She is also leaving (feeling the same way as I was) and going to my old stomping grounds at Commonwealth Place!
 Sarah, Colleen and Maggie.
 Emily and behind her is Sarah.
 Jeremy (The president and money man behind the amazing dinner. I will have to raddle my brain to recall the other two ladies names.)
 Heather and Mike.
 Cathy and Jodi. Both CRAZY fun Loven women. Throughout dinner Jodi kept making sexual faces at me across the tables....SHE is just as outta control as Darlene and I.
 Cannot for the life of me recall her name......It'll come. Marie is amazing!!!
 Chelsea and Anthony.
 Peter and Joyce. Pete and I worked together in Residential and Joyce was once in my former position at Women and Children.
 Another new counselor, she actually came after I left and I cannot recall her name. Fred is next to her!
 Even after an incredible dinner, we got more goodies and a Yankee Candle was distributed to each and everyone of us. My was Dragon fruit!

When presented with deserts there was only one chocolate cake left, I selfishly requested the last piece. Unfortunately or fortunately either way I left a winner in the end. The waitress informed me that the last piece was accidently ordered by someone else. Bummer...not I had this amazing cheesecake which I somehow managed to stuff down despite my gluttonius gut. As we were leaving I approached Jeremy to thank him for the amazing dinner, and jokingly informed him just how good everything was despite not getting the last piece of chocolate cake. He reported he lost out too and Joyce offered up her ready to go piece. Did this chick turn it down? Hell no!!! I took that right out of her hands and had it for lunch yesterday!
One last picture of Me, Darlene and Carolyn outside of Prime. We all had an enjoyable time. Full on food, gifted to the top, and having had a great time with one another, it was time to say goodnight. I cannot tell you how much fun the evening was. This is where the bitter-sweet stuff comes in. I will miss these parts of SBH, and have to remind myself why I needed to quit. I foresee some of these friendship lasting forever despite the working relationship ending.
PART II- Yesterday I spent all day minus a few runs here and there at Sandy's house playing with my SCRAPPIN buddies and paper. I was dead set on making some headway on my much behind scrapbooking so I pushed ahead as most of my fellow friends talked and did small tasks. Not that I did not talk and have fun too, I just really tried to make the most of my time. This was truly the best bunch of gals! Minus a few fun loving people, to me this is really to CORE of what I love about CTMH. Most of these women and I have had some close connection throughout the years that I have been a consultant.
 Sandy in her new scrapping room, surrounded by everything purple. I have and continue to love her like a sister!!! She is  GREAT friend.
 Laura. She is always so nice and always there to lend an ink, paper or stamp set. This women despite some difficult times (things that I personally would not be able to take) always always always has a smile on her face. Last evening was the first time I saw her cry and it was over her sister leaving. Both she and her husband are currently unemployed and have been struggling with the possibility of loosing their home.
 Judy, Sandy's mother and friend. Her husband (also Sandy's dad) recently passed away, she continues to be cheerful despite the pain she has inside. She always has something positive and encouraging to offer.
 Donna, whom I have just met. Well actually I meet her and saw her the last time in DC. She is supplementing her income through buying and selling toys at the flea market.
 CRAZY and always fun. Christine. She and I started CTMH around the same time and instantly clicked. I have missed her soooo much. Two years ago she was going through a divorce which she struggled with greatly. Her husband returned home and THREE days later he died of cancer. Talk about devastating. She has really struggled over the last few years. Even now she is taking things in stride. She quit her job and is working on re-gaining her life. I am glad that she will be around more! I missed her lots.
 Lovely Kate! She is another one who is always smiling. She is so sweet. She like me is also independently selling another product. She sells 31 bags.
I meet Tami at the Florida convention in 2008. We hit it off immediately. She too has a struggling story. She was laid off from work two years ago and cannot find a job despite her best efforts. Great energy this women has!
Last but not least is Terri. This spunky fun loven women also always has a smile and a big heart. She seemed to have the perfect life, until about two years ago also informed our group of her divorce. In spite of a 30 year marriage ending, Terri quit her job and returned to beauty school (a dream she had always had). She just obtained employment in my little village of Liverpool...I anticipate a new hair cut.
WHAT AMAZING FRIENDS AND BUSINESS PARTNERS I HAVE!!!!! I have never really sat down and thought about each of their stories until now, not that I have ever thought differently about their strength and determination, I am just so incredibly inspired by their empowerment and inspiration far beyond their creativity and business sense, but their amazing resilience. I am so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful amazing good of women! Each one of them has made me a better women.