Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flash Back Friday: Ocean City VA 2007


Flash back to 2007 "Girls Gone Wild" weekend in Ocean City VA. Five of us females took a road trip south for an adventure solo. No husbands, no kids, no responsibilities, and what a great bunch of gals to go with. Carol, Barb, Shannon, Nikki, and I had a beachside room overlooking the ocean in one of America's playlands. No kids, no husbands and no responsibilities. Totally girls gone wild. Brews, beach and boys. Barb and I were the only ones married at the time so we stuck to flirting over the balcony that overlooked the boardwalk, while the other three enjoyed what male persuasion was around.
 I was unaware that we were traveling to Ocean City VA until we were on the road and not nearly close to our destination and I started to think I was driving for far to long. I thought we were heading to Ocean City NJ. Ocean City VA is a bit more south. I about lost my mind driving, and when we got to about 5 miles to our journey end (there is one road in and one road out to OC) and I had to pee, I was about to kill someone as we were STUCK in a traffic jam, and not a gas station open anywhere.
We finally made it around 11pm and I was so wound up I couldn't sleep.
That evening we hit a dark beach and I had loss a flip flop.
 Here is a view of the beach.
 The boardwalk.
 Nikki and Shannon.
 Taking a dip in the pool.
Very cute Barb.

 Nicole looking sassy!
 Shannon all smiles.
 Barb, Shannon and Nikki.

The first morning we made our way down the boardwalk and found a nice place for lunch.  Then we hit up the beach and the pool for a little swim. It was so fun to just relax and enjoy ourselves. After a dip in the pool we decided to have dinner and play putt putt golf.  Nikki had heard of this place called the Big Pecker. Any place called the Big Pecker had to have good food right? So off to the Big Pecker. Chicken is the Big Peckers specialty. We sat in an outdoor rocking chair table, and everyone (but myself) was on their cell phone. I remember laughing as I look and not a soul, but me was free of a cell phone to their ear. (this was before EVERYONE had cell phones) I just remember how funny I thought it was for all of the girls to be chatting with people back home, who would have predicted that one day....cell phones would be the norm at grocery stores, restaurants, or just about anywhere. (I am still the only one without a cell phone, which made yesterdays adventure without internet and a phone, a bit of a pain in the ass).
I got Mark a Big Pecker t-shirt which presented a chicken and a girl dressed in a bikini golfing. The inscription said something about good peckers and golf. I cannot remember and I am sure I couldn't guess as I am not a golfer. I was a putt putt golfer that night and we headed to play Jurassic golf or some other silly prehistoric tittle.
 Carol, probably thinking what the hell is wrong with us.
 Nikki looking sweet and innocent.
 Then there is Barb and myself acting like CRAZIES!!! ( we two were the one's married on this trip, and it looks like we really needed to let our hair down..notice my ugly flip flops.. they were the only ones I could find on the boardwalk.)
   After golf and a few drinks we went seeking a little bar fun and found some hole in the wall right near our hotel, had a few drinks and flirted some more. I think Barb and I went back to our room, while the single trio went off for more fun with the guys we meet.
 Chillin at the hole in a wall bar.
 Nikki and me haven fun!
 The beach
 The following day we walked the entire length of the boardwalk making it to the popular stores, amusement rides and fun fun fun. I had a picture made of myself with my face and some hot models body for Mark. I tried to find it to add to the blog with no luck. I really wished I looked that good.
Barb and Nikki take a ride.
 View of the boardwalk from our balcony.
 The beautiful women I spent the weekend with.

 This was super cool, this building on the boardwalk was covered in art work.
 The beach art was pretty amazing too.
 Now that's how to straddle the anchor Barb.
We had so much fun just being silly. These ladies were great fun too. We really need to take another girls weekend getaway. Recap of the lives of these lovely ladies since 2007. Nikki got married (I will post her Bachelorette weekend getaway in Atlantic City sometime soon) and now has triplet's.  Carol's divorce was finalized and she is engaged to Mike. Shannon is with her serious SO and has had her second child a beautiful baby girl. Barb who had been trying for years to get pregnant herself, adopted an older child and within months found out that she too is pregnant. Trying to get us all together for a girls getaway has been difficult, but it is hopeful that we will soon.