Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Is it Wednesday already???

I anticipate this to be a long post as I have neglected of late. So Sorry, ironically since my last day of work, I feel like I have NOT stopped with things going on. I will start with Friday. My last day of work!!! Thought I would post a series of pictures of what I will NO LONGER be viewing everyday as a Remembrance....

Nothing to exciting, just a bunch of silly pictures to recall my daily trip to the office. So far, I have not missed it! I completed my last full day...FULL!!! It went quickly and of course I left feeling loose ends, despite my best intent. You cannot complete a persons life, so left undone it is. Katy had taken me to lunch the day before, that was nice of her, and it was enjoyed, but Friday was strange. It felt surreal, and incomplete. Even my co-workers were surprised  when I said goodbye, as if I was only kidding. I loaded my box (it was not to much as it never really got to filled when I was there). I will miss the people, my clients, the money for sure, but I will not miss the STRESS, the immediacy, or the overwhelming feeling that I was not doing myself or anyone else much good. Regrets? Not of current.
As of my new endeavors. I held my first Pure Romance party Friday evening. It went pretty well for the most part. I pocketed about $150- (This included the items I had on hand). The party totaled over $300+ dollars, which was unexpected. Only a few people did not order at all. I saw some old friends, and joked with the friends I have kept for a long time. I meant to take at least a picture of my staged items and what table looked like. I gave everyone tiaras, there were party horns and I wore a pink boa. I also made pink panty punch and someone drank my entire bottle of Red Cat. (I wont mention who..but she had a good time). I had planned party number 2 on Saturday, but that fell through.
Saturday was a lazy day...although I really really really wanted to go out with the family. None of my family was interested in going anywhere.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL! I did stop at a few garage sales, and got some flowers which were planted in the yard. I also discovered the alarming reality that the pool is DAMAGED!!!! It looks as if the liner has a hole and the concrete has given way on the side. Looking at some serious CASH!!! put in some calls to pool places and have an estimate to come out tomorrow. I am dreading the final numbers.
Sunday was much like Saturday. Again I had hoped to get the family moving, Mark went to work and Gavin was engrossed in his game system. I spent the day in the yard reading Game of Thrones. Quite relaxing.
Monday was spent at Vera House doing my volunteer position. Tuesday was busy. I went to my first DV/SA committee meeting. It was interesting. We will be holding my first presentation on the 31st. I am trying to figure out what my role will be in this, but I will continue to attend and offer what I will. It seems like a nice bunch of people, although there is one (there is in every crowd) who WILL not shut up, and I can imagine will continue to annoy me. Here is the next event our committee will be hosting. I am excited to be a part of it, although I do not know what my role will be.

I rushed home to get Gavin to school and be available for the heater people.  Gavin was too ill to go to school and the heater people arrived an hour and a half late. Spent the day, lazily until about 4pm as I prepared for the PR team meeting in Ithaca.
The team meeting was great fun. Alexa was blessed with a beautiful charm and National Director. I got to meet some new women on the team, and we had a ton of fun.
Here's a team shot. What beautiful women and great fun!!!! So motivated to get my business going!!

Today, I will start another diet, and take Alexis to OCC for her exams to get into school. So much for no working. Things haven't stopped.