Wednesday, May 22, 2013

T.G.I.F on a Tuesday afternoon.

Since my mother was unable to join us for our Mother's day brunch, I informed her that I was taking her to lunch. We met at Destiny Mall and after some discussion decided on T.G.I F. Fridays! She was surprised to see we had an additional guest with us. My youngest had gone to the nurse at school and was "too ill" to stay at school, so on my way to the mall I picked him up. I think it was just gas as he reported his stomach was hurting him. A meal of chicken nuggets can cure that...and of course it did. No need to argue with the school nurse however..she is a stickler about "sick" children and they MUST go home. My son learned this a few years ago, and it has cursed us since. Any ass ache and she will be on the phone insisting someone come and get him, and she is pretty insistent. I told her yesterday morning that I was quite positive his aliment was "I do not want to do my chorus concertitis" and she informed me, he had already done one this morning and had been with her for quite some time. It was only 10:15, I had just dropped him off at 9am. He must have had one quick concert or her definition of a long time is pretty damn short. Anyways, I don't bother and fight this anymore, and I was not going to allow his "sickness" to prevent my date with my Mom! Truly sick or not, he was going to lunch with me.
Off to T.G.I.F's and some chit chat.
 Great Picture of my Mom and my son! He looks just fine to me!
 Yes! Chicken will cure any sickness!
 And here is my meal.....I really broke out of my burger box and added bacon this time!
  After lunch we did a little mall walking. Gavin needed a gift for a b-day party on Thursday evening, and I had a $10- gift certificate for Victoria Secret. I got myself some new undies!!!! I would have never purchased a pair of $10- undies for myself if they were not on sale, and I didn't have a discount. I got five pair (marked at $9.99 per pair on sale for 5/$26.99..really!!!!) for $16.99. I still feel like I could have been just as satisfied with a package of hanes from K-mart marked at $9.00 total. Well we all deserve a little splurge now and then don't we? We said goodbye to my mom who was in pursuit of a pepper grinder and hit up Hot Topic finding the perfect gift for his friends. "Dr. Who", wasn't he that weird guy from that  British channel when I was a kid? Apparently he has re-surfaced or perhaps a new Dr. Who has emerged, I don't know, but this friend enjoys the show. I was surprised to find anything regarding the show at all. T-Shirt and some items purchased, we were finally done. I totally spent more money then I had planned. Bringing my son with me always makes the bucks fly. I was convinced to buy my daughter an Adventure Tyme T-shirt after my son's convincing that she would like it and the store special was buy 1 get 1 1/2 off.  $48.00 later and I had already purchased a gift certificate for $25- that I cannot return, plus he convinced me he needed some poster we found at five below! So about $100- later not including lunch we were finally done and homeward bound. The spending did not end there, later we made a 8pm dash to AC Moore to get items to complete his school Robot project. Of course I made him do one order to use 2 of my 40% off one item coupons. I still feel financially raped! Fortunately my Husband went out later and purchased an air mattress, batteries and a standing fan(it was incredibly hot this past evening) as we had gone through the camping supplies and noted that the one air mattress was DEAD, and we had NO batteries for the flashlights. I did have one great deal from Amazon arrive and I expect the second item which was even a better deal to arrive today. I got my Second book of The Game of Thrones.  $19.00 retail. I paid $5.- with shipping. The fourth book I only paid .94 cents. Yeah me!!!
We have been preparing for our first official family vacation of the spring/summer and will be leaving Friday to head to Jellystone and Niagara Falls. I can't wait to get away for a few days. Thinking I might prepare my Flashback Friday today as I am sure Friday I will be a Crazy lady getting things finalized for our trip.