Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Rained out Picnic and Fun Day.

Every year my son's school has a "fun day" around the last week of school. I have attended several, although last years I missed due to work. Since I am not really working this year I was pumped to attend. The fun days consist of classroom teams that compete against one another in silly games, usually the game has some sort of "water" involved, Wet sponge races for example, or blind squirt guns shooting! The kids always have a good time and look forward to it every year. This year the "fun" day was rained out. They decided to host the picnic on the original day, and hold the fun days this past Friday. It ended that they had the picnic INDOORS, but held the "fun" days inside the following day and it was much less exciting. I did not attend the fun days because parents were not allowed due to being in the gym and much more confined. Thursday however, I volunteered to help with the pizza picnic as the rain poured down outside.
I was in charge of popcorn, and chips. Pretty good spread despite having a picnic inside on towels in a classroom. Pizza I think was from Liverpool Pizzeria, (maybe it was because it was cold or perhaps it was because it was a sheet pizza, either way, I wouldn't get a pie for myself, and I will eat just about ANY pizza).
I was volunteering with Michelle and a few other mothers, I know one of them lives on my street, but I continue to forget her name. Michelle is Seth's mother and we have been paired up for several events due to our boys. We were together in one cabin at cub scouts several years ago, we were apparently the only FEMALES on that trip. She is a nice enough women, with her handful with her two boys, but she always has a smile on her face and I am forever running into her at Price Chopper where she works.
Michelle, she got pizza duty. After all of the children went through and got their goodies, the mom's and there were some dad's too, lets not discriminate got their food and joined the picnic.

I didn't take a lot of pictures as Gavin always gets mad at me for that. We enjoyed the company and the indoor "sun". The class got their yearbooks and spent some time obtaining autographs wishing well for the summer and several hope we see each others next years.
I always loved the end of the school year, there was always so much going on, big changes and especially summer vacation. When I was in fourth grade we had a similar "fun" day, with much more competition and NO water. We had the school Olympics every year and kids actually competed in things like running, jumping and the like. I never did come home with a 1st, 2nd or 3d place ribbon in all my elementary years of participating. I guess I just never found my Olympic calling! Disappointed that there was no fun day for me as a parent this year, I am glad that I was able to be a part of Gavin's end of fourth grade. He even made a point to show me where Ms. White had signed his yearbook; it read "Dear Gavin, Good Luck in the fifth grade." He hollered see, I will be in the fifth grade next year, as if I had any doubts, apparently he did.  
Speaking of going on, I got to see my daughters name in the paper for graduates of the CNY area, and she has two certificates of completion for her nursing program. Next week is Graduation. I am so proud of all my kids.

Last evening I had a PR party in Oneida NY. I anticipated a flop, but it was actually my best party so far. I got one additional booking and one potential downline. Plus I got some cash! and I had lots of fun. Today is the June Folksmarch, but I think I am going to skip it. It's quite a distance away, I have none of my girls available to go with me, and we have a 10 year old's birthday party to go to a noon, so I guess I'm gonna miss it. I hate missing them, but they were really suppose to be about getting out with the girls and since none of the girls can get out of late, It kind defeats the purpose. Hoping for next month. Happy Saturday!