Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Greek Festival

My friend Doreen had planned to meet up with us on Saturday to rock it out with Loverboy, but circumstances changed and she couldn't make it. Instead we planned a date to get together on Sunday. We had no specifics in mind, but I had hoped to make it out to the Greek Festival sometime this weekend, so I suggested that we have Greek for lunch.
The Greek Festival, has been a yearly tradition for myself and several of my friends for many years. As a kid, I used to attend with my friend Lynne as she was Macedonian and her family was quite involved with this annual festival bringing traditional Greek food, dance and beliefs to the community. As a kid we would spend hours with her parents there and it was always a great treat. Although I never was inclined to eat the foods a child, we were always ready to scope the crowd for some hot looking Greek boys, and it was always a sign that summer was on it's way. As the years past, I have attempted to attend yearly with my own family, and most often I will go with my friend Carol and her family on the Thursday evening the Festival has kicked off. With so many things going on this year I thought I might just miss it. Doreen's date was a perfect opportunity to attend and her first time at the event.
 We took a bus in from the parking lot, and got there just in time to catch these little cuties. The dancers in training. Aren't they adorable.
 For lunch I got the (forget it I cannot even begin to spell it let along pronounce it) I get the same dish every year. Not big on eating lamb or gyro's. This dish has hamburger, pasta, and an egg based sauce. Not a hamburger, but as close as you can get. Doreen had the same.
 For desert, you always have to get yourself some Honey Puffs, an all time favorite. I usually get a box of Baklava, but find it never gets eaten at my house so I skipped it this year.
 A little browsing in the shops, and trying on some costumes. Doreen and I pose for the camera.

 Back to the main tent, the older kids were dancing, Doreen was hoping I would make my own appearance on the center stage after I told her I had learned some of the dances for Lynne's wedding some 25+ years ago. Fortunately for me, they never opened the dance floor while we were there.

  Doreen and I had a great time just hanging out. We caught up on each others lives, something we need to do more often. On the way home we stopped at Cathy's to get some more orders from her party and say hello. It was a beautiful day, and it was nice to simply get out and enjoy some of my old time favorites and introduce it to someone who has not been in the past. Great day.