Monday, June 3, 2013

Jellstone Park Part IV:

After our crowded day at Niagara Falls, we headed back to camp, and still had part of the afternoon to enjoy ourselves at Yogi's place.
Tami's daughter Allie wanted to take a dip, so I went with her and her mother up to the Water park. She was the only kid in our party of 7 children who was willing to take a chance in this ice cold water. She later went into the pool, and we caught up with Mary, Ben and Adler playing putt putt golf. We also got a chance to watch the kids play another game of laser tag, before we ran into my hubby and decided we should get some things together for the concert in the pavilion.

A little putt putt. There was really a ton of activities to do, I wish it had been as warm as this weekend as I type it's in the 80's and yesterday was in the 90's. Oh well, food for thought in the future.
Tami and Mary went back to their site's and we all met up at the pavilion to watch/listen to Blind Vision. (Tami and I filled cups of adult beverages). The boys had decided that they "suck" even before they started playing, so it was mostly the adults enjoying this band that actually played some music that we really liked. 80's style. They really were not well suited for the several children who were playing on the grass and who later were dancing with Yogi, but I enjoyed singing along to Ratt, Bon Jovi, Boston,  and other 80's metal, as well as some of the 80's classics like Elton John, Bowie, Styx and 867-5309 Jenny! Tami and I sure had a good time and by the time the came on for the second act, and most of the little kids had left, we had had a great deal of etho in our systems and went a little wild. It was all great fun!

 After the Blind Vision concert we hung around the camp fire ate some dinner, it became a communal meal, and relaxed off the long day. The boys (husbands included) left early so Mary, Tami and I were left to put out the fire then it was off to bed. Tami, Allie and Adler ended up sleeping in the cabin with us to help keep warm. Monday was the warmest of the three days, go figure. We spent the early hours packing up the cabin, breakfast and getting ready to head home. Tami and her family left first, then Mary and my boys had convinced us to stay just long enough to play one more game of Candybar Bingo. For redemption they called it. This time Ben and I won. We won based on the worst game board, and got to split a stash with three people. Well what can you say, we won once this weekend. Fun was had. In retrospect, I would have changed only a few things; I would have skipped Niagara Falls and maybe went to another less popular state park (Letchworth), I would have worn warmer clothing and it would have been much nicer if we didn't have the cold weather. Oh well, next time I guess. The best parts of the trip were my family and my friends. I'm already searching for our next camping trip for later in the summer months. I have to admit I do so love the Jellystone parks and have already began investigating another adventure to one farther away. There are three more in NY State that we have not visited, one that is less than an hour away from us. I have heard it is not as nice as some of the others, but it is close so maybe I will just go up with the boys myself. Anyhoot, it was lots of fun and I am sure we will be returning soon to some such park. There is a great one outside of Williamsburg VA, perhaps next spring we will make a trip.