Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just a few trips here and there.

As the last week of school has been pushing forwards, I have not been to attentive to taking trips due to the business of the week. My youngest has had 1/2 days all week, so we have tried to keep the afternoon busy, but most of my travel attention has been burdened by my daughter as she started a new job, and making plans for graduation. I have made three trips back and fourth to her job(s) and one trip to the school already this week and it was only Wednesday. It looks like I will be the mom taxi from this point forwards. My son and I had made plans to go Kayaking, but it rained rained rained for hours, so we have decided to put that off until tomorrow. We did make a trip to the public Library with intentions of renting a geo-cashing kit, that was until I was told I would have to use an adult library card. I have no idea where mine is and have been using my son's since he could sign his name on the card. She looked me up and I apparently have a $100- fine I was unaware of. So Geo-cashing was out. We checked out a few hot summer activities and a few books just to feel like the trip wasn't a total wash. We also took a trip to Wegman's to get a few food items. Wegman's is a local grocery store farmed out of Rochester. I am sure there are more outside of NY, but I am not sure.  ( I took this picture from the internet, but it could very well be "my" Wegmans it looks just like it.) It is unlike any grocery store imagined, and has the best subs ever.  It has every food item imaginable including multiple specialty items; cheese, meats, vegan, organic, and if you happen to live in Dewitt, Kosher. It also has amazing pizza, a salad bar, a Chinese bar, homemade dinner deals, and the sub department. It also has a large eating area with wifi and presents children movies for free during the summer. We picked up some subs for dinner, caught a glance at the train that runs along the ceiling, scored the movie "Oz" from the redbox, (I LOVED IT, I think my son did too) and headed home for a night of subs and movies.
Yesterday, after juggling both my kids off to school, I did some banking and stopped at the farmers market. I purchased some hanging flowers, the biggest I have ever seen, planted a few in my yard, and cleaned up the rest of the lawn furniture I pulled from the dingy basement. Realizing that all four chairs are broken in some fashion or another I decided we needed new chairs. I had actually purchased these plastic chairs from Ames (no longer in business) some 12-15 years ago at a post seasonal sale. Not bad for cheep if I recall, and hey they lasted pretty well, but definitely needed replacing. I got four nice (not plastic) lawn chairs, a hanging chandler and a nice table cloth for under $120-and felt satisfied with my purchase. Made up my new outdoor living space, and took a trip to visit Cathy where we spent some time talking while her boys; Cody and Ryan played with my little guy. Connected with the pool people, holding out that the rain will stay away, and they can get in here before the week is up. SO SICK OF LOOKING AT MY CONCRETE MUD HOLE!!!
A picture of my new flowers!