Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vera House Awards Dinner, Lexi Graduates from BOCES, and a little Romance.

Thursday was very busy. I had the awards/recognition luncheon with Vera House, got Lexi's nails done, stressed more so then needed over my PR party and held the party while vicariously congratulating my daughter on her BOCES graduation.
  The annual awards/recognition dinner was held at one of the Hotels in Carrier Circle and the luncheon was great. The staff presented awards to all members of Vera House and identified a special few people of the community with certified awards. One such award went to Anne, my former co-worker at the Crisis Call lines, and also presented was the highly sought after award the Sister Mary Vera award. The winner Susan Griffith, was a women I had never met, but she apparently is an amazing member of the dv force and offered a very nice speech.

Here is a picture of our lunch. Not a burger, but it still was pretty good!

Randi shared her thoughts about the recipients.

This is the winner of the Sister Mary Vera award, and below is Ann's award. She wasn't with us, but Dottie obtained it for her.
It was all very nice, and it was especially nice to be recognized for what the volunteers and people do to help educate, lead and put and end to Domestic Violence.
After the luncheon, I rushed home to do some last minute things for Lexi before tomorrow's senior ball. She also had her awards and graduation ceremony from the BOCES program. She has officially obtained her CNA and actually has her first real job starting next week at a nursing home I am so proud of her.

As Lexi went to her Graduation I was off to my first official PR party. My friend Cathy hosted and these women were "out  of control". I freaked because as I was preparing I realized I only had 1 catalogue. I ended up winging it and it all went well. Now I have to find some books before Friday as I have another party. The over all sales was GREAT and I think we all had a good time.