Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend wrap up: Happy Birthdays, A Graduation and Verona Beach.

Friday was my hubby's birthday. He hates anything that celebrates himself, so every year is a challenge on what to do. I went against his requests to make him a cake, and surprised him anyways. I also got him a card full of scratch off tickets. (He won $3- no plans on an early retirement for him...Although I was hoping). We had pizza for dinner, played some Texas hold-em, and he earned himself a birthday backrub.  This weekend was also Lynne, Carol and Renee's Birthday. Happy Birthday everyone!
I think he enjoyed the sediments, although he informed me that he did not like Red velvet cake, which is what I made for him. I thought it tasted pretty good. Gavin enjoyed making things with the "poker" chips.

Yesterday was my daughters graduation, (as noted in the previous post). 600+ graduates of the 2013 class walked the stage. Carol, my parents, her brothers, My hubby and her friends all cheered her on as her name was announced.
That is her descending the stage!
"Let me think" It's all over, a hint of happiness but noted she will miss it too.
After the graduation my Hubby was off to play golf, a Birthday treat and a first in a long time, and my son and I were off to Verona Beach to meet up with friends for a picnic.
This was the first time I had been to Verona Beach. I had been to it's fun cousin beach, Sylvan right up the road several times, (I will post someday, it has some great history and TAPS did an investigation there once) but I had always driven by this little state park unaware of the fun to be had. It was the second time I was able to use my state park pass. We are getting closer to making the money back on it, three more park trips and it will be paid for. My friend Renee, her family and several of my friends were out picnicking for the day and celebrating Renee's birthday. We found them all enjoying the summer sun and jumped right in with the conversation. Peanut was a hit with everyone, (something about this little dog seems to bring in the love for animals in everyone) he was also finding himself right at home by lifting his leg at every item on the ground. (Lets home he didn't soak anyone's bags). Several of my friends were there to enjoy the company and my son was off with their children swimming in the sandy beach area of Oneida Lake.
A picture of the beach area. Somewhere out there is my little guy. You could not go on the beach with dogs so peanut and I stayed on the sidewalk and watched. Gavin had so much fun in the water. He was in and out and in again. The beach was perfect and the weather was warm enough to enjoy the breeze coming off of it.
After a swim!
Renee and David. (I just love this picture).
Rob, Jen and Carly. (I grew up with Rob in the neighborhood)
Look at these cuties, nothing says summer better then watermelon. These girls ate an entire watermelon themselves. Ally, Madalyn, Izzy's friend, and Izzy.
Kyle and David.(I've known these guys since I was a little girl about the ages of the girls above this picture. Ally and Izzy are Kyles daughters.)
Lea, Tiffany and Bonnie. ( Bonnie is David's sister and the girls are her two daughters).
Renee and her mother.
I thought I got more pictures of everyone, but I wasn't as good about taking pictures as I had hoped. I was busy enjoying myself.
Carmen and Maddy. ( I have know Carmen since I was little as well)
Look at these little ladies. They have the same swimsuit, it was totally an accident I was told.
 Several other family members were there that I missed pictures of. We played a few games of UNO and ate some burgers, before the overcast of the day began to drop a few showers. Although we did not explore the whole park while we were there, what I did see was great. The beach,  the playgrounds, the picnic areas. We had an enjoyable time, and it was nice to spend time with good friends.
On the way home I had to stop on Rt. 31 and get these pictures of oddities on the side of the road. Yankee Doodles apparently makes wood carvings and several were outside.
Gavin loved this guy. They were pretty amazing, there was a guy sawing away while we were there.
How about this GIANT Checker player.
Across the street, and I do not know why they are there or what they are about were some statues of farm animals. I quickly got a pic as I was getting into the car.
Farther on down the road was this nostalgic diner featuring the 10 cent cup of coffee's, and the name of the place, Flo's. It made me think of that 1970's show, Alice. I think Flo was one of her co-workers in the diner and she always said. "Mel, kiss my grits". Whatever that means. It was busy, but enjoyable day. I came home and basically fell over, grateful that hubby was willing to get dinner.
I so love funky stuff like this on the roadsides. I visited a website once that has everything odd across the United States. Things like the Paul Bynon statues, the smallest church, etc. I know it sounds stupid but I totally would drive 20 miles out of my way to see a giant Dino or the worlds smallest church.