Friday, July 19, 2013


As I finally catch up with where I am in todays time, I thought I would skip Flashback Fridays and officially be done with the last two weeks of my trip taking. We have all been going like crazy and we spent the last two days feeling like we have finally caught up with ourselves. Riley has been in his new home now for two days and despite some poops (man are they big and do they stink), he has been a welcomed edition to our little happy family. Yesterday I did some work on the pool, and invited the neighbor and her twins over for some pool fun. Jenny and her two year old twin daughters, Gavin and I all took a break from the heat and cooled down in the pool. Riley had an accidental dip the evening before when he walked off the edge. Well, we know he can swim at least. If he liked it? I am going out to get him a kiddie pool today.
Nick came home for a bit and Lexi was actually at home herself most of the day (that never happens). After dinner we had Carol, Mike, Tyler and Steven over for swimming, and Mike (THANK YOU SO MUCH) fixed our electric problem and now we do not have to worry about the house burning down.
A quick update on that. We lost power to the pool when the pool guys were working on it. As we were off to vacation the days following we never got an electrician out to take care of it, so we had been using an extension cord to keep the pump running.(thank God this didn't happen while on vacation, I can't imagine what Lexi would have done) Sunday evening all tired out from the craziness. IE: Gavin and his ear, people at the house all weekend, up late and never really caught up from vacation he fell asleep in my bed and I fell out myself shortly after. My husband, bed-less, made a place for himself on the couch and began watching TV. Thank God he did because he smelled smoke and yep, our electric was on fire. Anyways...Mike has saved us and we are all fixed, and there should NO longer be any pool concerns. (SO knocking on wood right now).

Back to POOL Parties! As the evening progressed we were visited by Renee and David and about 8 of Lexi's friends. The pool was PACKED! and I was just saying how much I hoped the pool would get it's use for how much $ was put into it. It wasn't a trip and quite honestly with HOW much $ we have been spending of late, there may not be many upcoming soon, at least we have the pool to enjoy. Only one more out of town trip planned for the summer season, and that is back to Lake George to do the unvailing of Mark's Grandfathers grave and family reunion. I'm going to try and keep some small day trips happening, but I predict they will include any access to puppy's for al least a little while.

Todays plans.....clean house, grocery shop and puppy pool! And if I have time, read!