Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend round-up

Where does the time go? In a flash it is already Sunday! Friday I worked my volunteer position at Vera House. It went well. Realizing that I was in the area for the SBH Harriet May Mills BBQ, I decided that I would enjoy a FREE lunch and say "hi" to some of my former co-workers. (If I had enough balls, I would have made it to all of the FREE luncheons SBH offers during the summer.) They do one at each site all summer long on Fridays and the food is usually something pretty delish. Harriet May Mills is one of the residential group homes and was once over seen by Victoria. I was inform she no longer works there...I had hoped to say Hello1 Anyways, the meal was catered by Limp Lizards, and it was good and even was FREE! I got on the scales this am and I really do not need any food FREE or otherwise and I really need to make that a focus of my life, but anyways....The company was enjoyable as well and I was glad to be "welcomed" despite the fact that I really do not work there as I did. I ate with Renee and Becky. I enjoyed catching up, and vowed to Renee that we would someday get together to "walk" or hang out. She lives about a block from me... isn't that always how it works out. We discussed plans to consider running/walking in the SBH walk come September.....I can barely walk down the street with the dogs. I had FB chatted with the girls about possibly joining them on the Run or Dye run in October....I really have to get my ARSE in gear if I think I can manage any such things.
Picture of Harriet May Mills House.
After I had a nice pulled pork sandwich and some cookies, I made my way home to obtain my son for his medical follow up. He has scoliosis, which is why they are thinking he is struggling with back pain. Only remedy is take care of his back, be aware of how he is lifting etc. and a prescription to PT for six weeks 3x per week. (at $20- a pop). GREAT! Those Friday FREE lunches are sounding more appealing then ever.
(North Medical has one of those Horse Statues so I snapped a Picture)
Home and dealing with DOG poop, dinner and quick clean up! I gathered up my scrap stuff and made my way to Sandy's for Consultant CLUB!!! I have so missed Ms. Sandy and was glad to have an evening of good old SCRAPBOOKING. She has been struggling with a 22 day long headache, so I went quickly in my scrapping and headed home around 9pm with four pages of layouts, several cards and a cute little book. She always has some GREAT items for her clubs.
Two of the pages we made, she's trying hard to keep a smile despite her pounding head.
At home I made it just in time to watch an absolutely horrible movie rented from Red Box. Movie 43 or something like that. It had several well known actors in it doing really stupid skits. Forget the title and will forget the movie I am sure.
Saturday I enjoyed coffee and talk with Renee (not the Renee from the next block over). Explored plans for a Girl's Night later that evening, and hit the grocery store, saving about 1/2 with my coupons etc. Yeah me!
Then I made my way back to Sandy's for a little "play time" and helped her prepare several layouts which I was rewarded with a 8 page pack myself for helping. YEAH again.
Cat was there and she is always fun, so we enjoyed each others company and played with scrap stuff.  Quick lunch and I was off to tend to DOG duty, while the boys went to the mall for football gear, dinner and a movie. At home I allowed myself to fall into the Fourth Game of Thrones book for a little bit and even took a dip in the pool, despite how COLD it was out. Hair colored and showered I prepared myself for "GIRLS NIGHT", got Renee and we were off.
 Lyn and Doreen
 Cathy giving clues for Taboo
 It was the first Girls Night since some changes in the relationships with these women and although I enjoyed myself it felt like the tension could be cut with a knife. Grateful that I was able to spend time with these ladies despite it all. Cathy seems to be doing well, and Doreen too. Her daughter Nicole is off to Florida on Wednesday for school. Exciting times ahead! Lyn, Doreen's neighbor, also joined us, and this was the first time I had met her. We played the game Taboo and I ATE like a PIG!
Admitting that I miss those CRAZY girls nights we had in the past! Wonder if we will ever get back to that.
Overall.....Full weekend of WONDERFUL people I LOVE much!!!! Hoping today will bring yet another "clan" of amazing women, I haven't seen in a while into my home. Open Scrap today at my house. Several friends have noted that they are busy, but might come later, so we shall see who and if things happen. Myself.....I am going to do some quick clean up (desperately needed) and spend this raining day playing with my CRAFTS and being pleasantly surprised if I do get some friendly company!