Thursday, August 8, 2013

CTMH pool party, learning to take a video and some Football.

( a picture of the end of a filling day)
Yesterday I planned to attend the Vera House in service, but by chance noted a remark on FB about Judi's second annual Close to My Heart Pool Party. I went to the First annual and I was feeling in a FUNK yesterday, so I called off my in-service (I'll do one next month and  I have not missed a one since I started my volunteer work) and decided that when in a FUNK and in the making of annual traditions, I would go to the Party instead.
My Close to My Heart family (because that is really what they are) is so GREAT, that spending time with them, always gets me out of my funk. I also did a little Joyce Myers to help me out too, but still needed the girls. Party started at 10am, so I did some investigating about what I needed to do to get my POOL PUMP fixed, and was grateful that it will be taken care of, I then emailed Vera House (Dottie) about not making it to the in-service, but that I would volunteer for the fair (I get FREE admission and FREE parking, and I can spend part of my day at the fair, plus my son can work with me at the booth. I will be working 2-4pm so Mark can meet up with us and we can do the fair that evening. (I did this last year with SBH, I might be able to score some more FREE admission and a FREE meal with them as well...okay, it is not exactly free, I am working for it, but it feels FREE to me.) I am definitely getting a FREE lunch from SBH tomorrow as I attend the Outpatient Picnic and drop off Carries products. (I have to go into the office anyways.)
Anyways...where was I...Oh yes! My CTMH family. I LOVE them. So with all pending matters addressed, I hunted in the cabinets for something to make/take to the party. (I have not been grocery shopping in two weeks, and the cabinets/freezer and fridge show it! The family is leaving tomorrow til Sunday, So I don't intend to go shopping until next week as well, although we do need some TP so I just might have to make a visit.)
I find some frozen fruit, a few cans of fruit(which were sooo close to expiration date I am glad I found and decided to use them up) and some fresh fruit (also close to their own extinction) and mix..volia fruit salad. This was suppose to be a pool party, but the weather was not cooperating, and I will not swim in my own pool if it's not at least pushing high 80's let alone in the lower to mid-70's at someone else's pool. So no swimsuit, my fruit salad, some sherbet which I also located in the freezer, (surprisingly no frost), and my happy little heart  made my way to Judi's which is right around the corner from my house.
Despite being 1/2 late I was still the first to arrive, which gave me a little individual time with Judi. Judi is Sandy's mother. Her husband passed about six months ago, and she is dealing with the loss in her own way. We spoke about things, she has become and connected closely with her belief in God, (we attend the same church, but I have been awful about my attendance, Sandy also attends with me, but she reports a loss in her faith since her fathers death.) Judi reports her own peace of mind with her faith, and I offer in my I really just want to "bitch" about everything, starting with that damn pool pump..frame of mind, and realize that my problems are trivial in the grand scheme of things and keep my lip buttoned. I saved the bitchin and complainin for later when Lynne and Chris arrived.
Lynne and Chris are two of my closest CTMH sisters. I have shared beds with both of them, cheered their positives, and grieved for their losses. They are also two of the first women I meet when I joined CTMH Hearts a Flutter team some 7 years ago (or maybe it was 8) Chris lost her husband going on two years ago now, and she really struggled through this. She always help me to reframe what's important, and she lets me bitch and does not remind me that God will take away all of the negativity from my life while I do. Bitchen to Chris was easier then to Judi. As much as I want to have a relationship with God, sometimes I really do just want to wallow in my SELF-PITY.
So we eat, catch up, no-one swims, and the party ends up being just the four of us. Sandy was at medical appointments all day...and we are all awaiting the final results of her constant migraines. Hopeful it is not something serious.

No swimming, but we all enjoyed each others company and planned another date the 18th.
After the pool party I picked up my daughter from work, ran her home for about 20 minutes, took her back to work at her other job, and enjoyed the company of my oldest son, (who has been hanging around a lot more lately, which has been a pleasure) and he agreed to join us at football practice that evening. Back home, I packed up football stuff, including an umbrella as it looked like rain although it never did rain, did a quick left-overs for dinner and off we went to practice.
HELPFUL HINT for parents who have a LOW tolerance for spending several days of your life at your kids sporting events... so far I have found the commitment for the parent is just as intense as the kids. FOUR days a week 21/2 hours at a time, and tons of volunteering, money, travel and we have not even started games yet. I had the great task of sorting out my sons pads and getting things that fit from the sport shed, I also realized that the concession stand has more then just sodas and stale pretzels. I got mozzarella sticks for a late night snack and they were yummy. Gavin got cheddar fries after practice cauz I did promise.
Anyhoot, Nick was a pleasure to have at the practice with me and when I told him I needed a photography class to learn how to use my camera, he obliged with taking me through a few steps right there and guess what....I learned a thing or too. I even learned how to create video's so here's what we got.
Go Gavin GO!!! I also took a few pictures of things like the chain link fence, the bench, and a duffel bag for practice shots, bit I deleted them and figured they were better off not shown. It was nice for his help, but I think I still will need some lessons. Thanks Nick...I guess that one semester of college did produce something afterall. (I love him anyways)

Here are a few more practice pictures I took that were a little bit more interesting then the chain link fence.
Overall it was a good day. clean the house,  get POOL PUMP (all fixed) bring daughter to work, bring son to PT, Football again, and maybe I will get some TP in my travels too. The weekend is ALL mine and I sure have a busy one planned. I can't wait.