Friday, August 9, 2013

Flash Back Friday: February 2013 Folksmarch

I started my day later then planned and I do have several things to do, so right now at 9:21am I am not sure if I will be able to get in my Friday post. Attempting to start and will have to take a break soon to get myself ready to do some running around.
So part 2 of Disney perhaps or maybe something a little more local and less intense???? Let me check out the old photo archive.
OK....In honor of that there is a Folksmarch tomorrow, and that these were the only pictures I could find in my hard drive and it is the middle of summer here, so why not remember the cold winters, is a Flash Back to February 2013.
Tami and I went to this FREEZING cold Folksmarch in Feb. 2013. The day before, we had had a major snow storm, and we both were surprised that the event was even still on. We took the small drive to Arrowhead Lodge, nestled back in the woods and found a warmth of friendly people in the Lodge with several fun indoor activities to enjoy. Tami and I decided to participate in the activities, and when we finally decided to make the 5k walk we were so cold and the wind was so cruel we only did about 1/2 a mile before we turned around and called it a day. BUT...we did so enjoy the lodge activities.
We started off with Wheel of Fortune (without the wheel, and more like hangman) prizes included valentines day hearts and assorted valentines day novelties. (I did something to my camera so most of my pictures until I found a "button" were pretty messed up..but here are some anyways)

 Tami and I playing Wheel of Fortune. Both if us had one win..Tami shows off her whistling lips.

 Yeah I won!!!!
here is our happy Host
I wish I could remember her name, but she has been a member of the Folks March for many years staring sometime when the local group began. She told me about her fabulous trips across the country in her RV and how she was part of the first Vokes March to climb up to see the Indian Mountain (Damn I cant remember it's name either)
After some games for $1- we enjoyed hot homemade soup and a roll, by the fire.

Finally all warm and cozy..we ventured on our 1/2 mile walk only to turn around. Despite the sun, it was unbearably cold, I give it up to the marchers who battled the weather.

A few pictures along the cold walk, it was even to cold to undo my fingers to get a few shots.
After the Folks March was much more fun. Traditionally we have tried to find a nice place locally for lunch and we decided to go to Borio's on the lake.
this is quite the place in the summer, where boaters come in and have a nice meal or grab a few drinks at the bar. I had been there before with Mary, Brian and a few of their friends to listen to the Fab Five (five friends of theirs who plays 60's, 70's and 80's music) They are pretty good, and I have seen them several times, as Brian always goes to hear them play or has had them play at his own festivities or in his basement.
We have a nice lunch of
Bree sandwiches with raspberry sauce and apples. (This was Tami's meal, but I did have a piece and it was yummy).
I had one of my favorite French Onion Soup and to help wash it down LOL Can you guess...French Fries.

 It was all so yummy. At first our waitress seemed all on the ball, but as the meal was eaten, she seemed to forget about us. We never got asked about our food, or if we wanted more drinks, and we waited for ever for our bill. Once the bill did come she messed it up, not once, not twice, but three times, and to make matters worse, when I got my bank statement she had charged me twice and they weren't even the same amounts. I was fortunate enough that the Owner of Borio's refunded my money. I had hoped he would send me a free meal voucher too because it was supper delicious and despite her mix up I would come back.  Apparently she continued to have a bad day, because she spilled an entire tables meals on the floor just as we were leaving.
Before we left we took a walk to the lake and watched the several snow mobiles cross the frozen water. What fun would that be to zoom around the lake..until...we start hearing rumors that someone had fallen threw the ice. The paramedics began showing up, and we were told that they could not reach him from the far side of the lake. We got front row seats to all the action.

Here they are bringing up the guy. He apparently was alright. It was just all a little scary. Several of the people around commented on their own concerns about thin ice areas on the lake and typically there are markers indicating where these places are, but sometimes you just go into them unaware.
These were all the medical there.
So after all was said and done, it ended up being an interesting day. I truly enjoy the Folks March experience as we always seem to find ourselves in something. Till next blog which will possible include a note on the August 2013 Folks March experience.