Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hopeful and gettng Healthy

Tuesday went so much better then Monday, and we are all working on getting healthy in this house. The previous weeks have really made me take a look at where my life has been going and I am ready for the challenge. Tuesday morning I took a trip to Vera House for my monthly AOD meeting. It is a committee meeting for bringing awareness to the community on Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse. We had such a low number of people sign up for our last presentation, that it was CA. We spent most of the meeting exploring why so few people signed up. So far I feel like I have little contribution, but it keeps me in the CD loop and there are some wonderful people. I returned a few overdue books at the Library on my way home, and picked up the Onondaga County Community flyer. It was a photo copy and had some unusual things identified within it, but something's that caught my eye was the Rabies Clinic. There were also listings for a few classes as well, which I am going to investigate into, but the Clinic caught my eye because as we are on a budget and the dogs both need their rabies shots, I figured I would inquire. $10- donation fee per household, ....I can get both dogs shots/records on file and tags for $10-!!! Yeah! I know they both need additional vet work, but if I can at least get this done now, then I'll have that part taken care of.  Score!

Gavin and I decided the night before that we were going to go to the YMCA, (which ironically the day before I had discussed getting rid of to save money) so we were off. He and I had hoped to use the weight room, and were disappointed to find that he is not old enough to use the equipment on M-W. There are family hours on Th-Sunday. So what next? He's too old for the Kids Zone and has refused to attend that since he was 6-7 reporting it was much to babyish anyways!  How about some racquetball? We could put on names on the waiting list, but the next time available was in over an hour and 1/2. What would we do in the meantime?  We could use the pool, but we have a pool, we were looking for something else to move our body. We decided against the wait, and took a quick stroll around the building in hopes of wandering into something of interest. No pool, no racquetball, no appropriate kids programs, no weight room. The summer program is an additional fee, and he was not about to jump into their tie dye session anyways, we found ourselves in the gym and decided on s little basketball. Neither of our favorites. We played a few rounds of PIG, (I don't think we played correctly..I always thought it was called HOUSE, and he insisted that if you got the G in PIG you lost.) We really had no structure to it, the focus was simply to get moving. We did, and decided that we would be much more successful at home in the pool after a lite lunch. So what for lunch? After years of eating like we have been...(JUNK) there wasn't much healthy to choose from. I had $5- left over from my $20- found cash and we decided on side salads from Wendy's.

After lunch we hit the pool and did some off hand exercises, which really worked our out of shape bodies. I was seriously panting after we did our altered for the deep end running laps three times around. WOW!

We had a nice sit down dinner at the table (another change) as a family, played some cards after dinner and took the dogs on a walk to the park and back. The movie Cars was the feature film of the evening on the Disney Channel so Gavin and I reminisced about this once favorite of his youth, then I was off to pick up my daughter from work. It ended up to be a lovey day.

Today, I am off to work at SBH inpatient. I am feeling a little anxious. I have not worked in an inpatient setting in nearly 10 years, and I have never worked at SBH inpatient. I was asked to do an entire 8 hour shift and I have not worked an 8 hour shift in over 2 years, additionally I cannot for the life of me imagine what I will be doing for a full 8 hours while I am there.( bringing a book with me, just in case) I can see covering a group or two, but I don't see them making me take on a "normal" case load for the three days I am there.

I made it through my first 8 hour shift in over 2 years and yes I am pooped. I took on two more shifts in the next few weeks too and will be back tomorrow.  I am off to the grocery store to grab more food that will meet our healthy living, and I lost 2 pounds since yesterday (h2o weight I am sure). I am feeling the pull on my legs and butt from all the work we did yesterday.

We ended the day with a trip to the park with the dogs, and at 8pm on a Wednesday night I am ready for bed! WOW, what a great 24 hours. Feeling hopeful and motivated.