Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ryder Park Dewitt, NY

My neighbor Jenny has a set of three year old twins, and when she mentioned that she was "going crazy" last week I offered to go on an outing sometime this week to help her from loosing her sanity. We had originally planned for a trip to Green Lakes, taking my car as we could use the park pass; otherwise it was an $8- admission fee, but we could not figure out the car seats. Instead I suggested Ryder Park in Dewitt.
It is a nice park with some great fun for the girls and it is totally FREE to get in. First up was the playground and although they were a little to small for many of the playground activities, they found a way to maximize the area with the swings, the slide and the smaller rock climbing wall.
Meet Amelia.
and Jessica
Aren't they cute?
Now to climb the rock wall.  

"High Five" we made it.
 Once the playground was conquered, at least for now. It was on to the pond to look for frogs, and with Jenny's great vision we were able to locate a few despite the large population of lilly pads that had taken over the pond. We even although he submerged so quickly I didn't get a picture, saw the head of a turtle.
 That's a lot of Lilly Pads. Wish we had seen them in bloom. I bet it was amazing.
 Can you see him?
How about this guy with just his head sticking out.
I found this guy and caught a shot just before he jumps away into the brush.
It is much more difficult to take the time to focus when the subject takes off on you or when you are with three year olds.
Next stop the Butterfly Garden. The Butterfly garden was a bit of a disappointment, perhaps we are to late in the season, I do not know, but there were NO butterfly's except for the metal one the girls found in the garden.
Jenny did find a caterpillar.
Could this guy be a late bloomer?
The park runs next to part of the Erie Canal, so to keep the girls amused, we played stick boats into the canal way. There seemed to be quite a current running in the water so the sticks and such moved quickly down stream. They must have thrown at least 50 sticks or bark pieces into the canal.
The we played in some really great old tree's. These girls were loving to climb.
Check out this Monster of a Tree. Or perhaps it is two trees that grew together?
As we continued along the trail up ahead on the canal we saw some more critters. It was a flock of Geese swimming up stream. Watching them go against the current was somewhat humorous, but it gave me a little time to snap some pictures. I love how even in the water the stay in formation.

This was just such a cute picture I had to add it.
And this one I really liked.
Around the bend in we found a flower garden full of dragon flies and pretty flowers.
I caught these guys a little to busy in a G-rated park.
One last picture of the pond, can you see the Geese on the other side?
The girls were hungry and thirsty, so we took a little snack break in the pavilion and ate tiny Penguin crackers.

Then it was back to the playground for some more climbing, swinging and I attempted to take my turn at the enclosed slide. I really did start, and had my body all the way in up to my head when I had this incredible fear come over me...What if I got stuck. Jenny couldn't stop laughing at me. Then I couldn't pull myself out of the top part. Glad I didn't take the chance the girls took turns climbing in and out of the entrance.  Amelia refused to go down, and from what Jenny had said, she never had gone down a slide. She simply refused. That was why I had attempted to go down the slide myself in a effort to show her it wasn't so scary. I failed miserably, getting myself all stuck and what not.
Surprise Surprise, she decided to go down the smaller slide all on her own.  Can you see the uncertainty in her little face. (She's the one on the rt). BUT SHE DID IT!!!! and then she did it again and again and again! GREAT JOB!!!
Just before we left we took a walk to the 9/11 memorial site located in the entry of the park.
There really is not much to say about this part of the park. Its a harsh reminder of a terrible day in our history, that often I forget about. We take for granted that in our country in our part of the world we are some how safe from harm.
We concluded the day with two very tired little girls...(and women) and headed home. I was so glad that I helped Jenny get out of the house with her girls and I truly had a good time.  Once home and the girls passed out in their car seats, Jenny and I agreed to do another day trip sometime in the future real soon. Maybe to Green Lakes next time.