Monday, September 16, 2013

A 50th Birthday Girls Night, and SCARE-A-CON

Once again I have not done a Flashback Friday. This is in part because I worked all day at Detox on Friday, went grocery shopping that afternoon, then flew off to my friend Doreen's 50th Birthday Party. We had a great time enjoying her special day. It was a low key evening with cocktails and girls night catch up.
Of course we got a little silly and ate like pigs!
Doreen spreading out.
Cathy looking cute.
Cathy, Molly, Renee and Doreen try a sexy pose.
We all enjoyed the evening.

Saturday, Gavin and I met up with Mary and her son Alex to head to the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY for SCARE-A-CON. This was our third trip to this annual event. We were at the very first one in Syracuse when it was called Syrac-a-con and it was held at the On Center. It was much smaller and not nearly as many Scary movie Stars, but we got to meet members of The Ghost Hunters Team.
This year as with last they changed the name to SCARE-A-CON and has been held at The Turning Stone Casino.
I got my gear on for the event.
I got my Taps cap on ready for one more signature.

We got our arm bracelets and had to wait to get in the was a little CRAZY
We were hopeful to see Linda Blair from the infamous movie The Exorcist. She was scheduled to do a lecture first thing that morning. She had an emergency and the lecture was CA. So we started hunting for some fun other things to do.
We found a few movie scares such as these guys. Isn't Pinhead such a sweet guy?
And although we may have missed her lecture, we found Regan (Linda Blair) in her Loveliness.
Hanibal Lecter is ready to slurp up your brains. (Silence of the Lambs) And this creepy Clown from a movie that escapes me is downright terrifying.
Chewy is a little less scary...but totally cool.
Don't you dare feed those cute little Gremlins after Mid-night or this is what you'll be dealing with.
There were several Star Wars characters, and I really don't know many of their names.

However, I do know this one. An all time favorite bad guy! 

Darth had one hell of a death grip handshake too.
There were several "movie/tv" stars throughout the convention. I use quotes, because some of these "famous" people had one movie/tv show and have never worked in the industry since, at least to my awareness. Their infamous names are based solely on their unforgettable movie/tv character.

 Linda Blair for example, may be just like several of the millions of other female scare queens, for the exception of the fact that the movie The Exorcist was so popular, scary and unforgettable. I had called my daughter's Linda Blair through those teen years, and almost everyone got what I was talking about. I never was able get a picture of this SCARE Queen, as there were photo police everywhere.
 There were some actors like Linda, that you just knew like Butch Patrick. This kid from the 1950's tv show The Munsters to my awareness has never been anything else but Eddie Munster.
 Okay, so that was cool and all. But it was 50 years ago. Not to say I'm knockin the guy, but this is why in part I use the term's "stars" and "famous" so loosely.
I did scam a picture of the guy anyways.
So why am I leading up to this? Well to be totally honest I was taken aback from the lack of photo friendly "famous" People!
Gavin and I approached the little guy (see I don't even remember his name) who portrayed the Oompa Loopas from the remake of the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie featuring Johnny Depp.

He truly is a little guy, I asked if I could get his picture. I was told right away that I would have to pay for this. I didn't ask how much, because quite honestly I am not that interested in wasting my money for a picture of this guy whom to my awareness and he may have done more, (I was later told he portrayed Yoda in costume), had the right physical body size to play an Oompa Loopa.
This payment of pictures set a ill tone in my mood for the rest of the convention, and even if some of these "actors" would have let me take a personal shot, I was fearful to ask because I would surly decline to pay. So thank you very much Mr. Little Guy. Anyways, I never did talk more to the guy and we moved on to some "actors" who were much more willing to give a smile, and I tried to catch long shots of those less corporative.
This little lady was one such corporative guest, and one of the characters that Gavin was most excited to meet. Kylie Szymanski, played Penny the Governors daughter in the TV show The Walking Dead. She was a Zombie in the show and has been killed off since, but she was super sweet and we talked with her for a bit about her role, her thoughts, and what it was like to play a Zombie. She even allowed me to get a picture with Gavin FREE of CHARGE!

Here is a picture of Kylie in make up.
Pretty scary looking hun?

One other "actor" whom quite honestly has been in more films then most of the people at the convention was also very nice. (He didn't have any photo body guards, but I just never asked him for a picture he probably would have if I had asked ).
Sean Whalen, was easily recognized by Gavin as one of the ghost characters from Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place. We spoke with him for quite some time. I asked about his acting and if horror was his original acting plan. He said he kind of fell into it. Comedy is more his thing. He reports an upcoming film produced by Clint Eastwood "Jersey Boys" and a part on a future soap Opera.  
He was super nice and Gavin enjoyed getting to talk with him.
There were other "stars" that we got to meet.

 Cousin It, Felix Silla.
And Wednesday Adams.

Fred Williamson who was actually very nice. He was in Storm Troopers and the newer movie of Starchy and Hutch.

This women in the first picture is actually this women in real life. Naomi Grossman.

Two of the main characters from The Blair Witch Project were there.

I missed actual pictures of them, and when I went back their tables were empty. Funny story about The Blair Witch Project movie. If you have seen it, you might get a better understanding of my story, but I will try to elaborate. Perhaps about a year maybe less before the actual movie had come out, I had caught a "documentary" on tv about the Blair Witch. I had been flipping channels and came into this with no awareness of the background of the movie or much else, except that I was under the assumption that this show on TV was 100% real life. The tv show/documentary was all about these kids (The characters in the movie) that went missing as they were doing their own documentary on the Blair Witch. The reporter in the TV show was asking "town residence" about the Blair Witch folklore, speaking with Police about the missing persons, etc. The reporter talked about finding the tapes of these campers documenting their trip, and how they were found in this ritual like setting etc. The whole time I am watching this I am totally believing that this really happened. When the movie came out and I finally saw it (I rented it at home) I honestly thought it was what these missing kids had taped in the woods and I was FREAKED. I think I possibly argued with people that it was true. Of course it wasn't and there these actors were sitting at the Scare-A-Con at Turning stone.
This guy, and I honestly do not know his name only as the Ghost Buster dude, he was there and also ringed off by the Photo Police. I got one anyways that I accidentally obtained as I was taking pictures of the Steam punk fashion show.   
Can you see him?
I got a few pictures of Candyman, Tony Todd
He seemed pretty cool. He was also one of the characters from Star Trek.

Two of the Three's Company Characters Janet and not Chrissy, but her replacement were there although I never saw them. I am not sure what they have to do with Horror, but okay. Additionally there was a wrestler affectionately called The Hammer, who was also there. Again what he has to do with horror.
We also spoke to the guy from The people Under the Stair movie. He was really nice and when we said we hadn't seen the movie, he was willing to give us the main theme.
This is a picture of him in make up.  
Apparently it was based upon a real life story of this couple in California. Creepy. Of course there was a lot of movie made scare that actually never happened like feeding the people under the stairs body parts. He didn't look like this dude at all in real life.

Possibly the "most" famous, although this is not my personal opinion, but he was certainly the most popular at the show, and I never got to see him as he was covered by a black curtain and if you did want to see him/get pictures you had to pay after you waited in this mile long line.
Ace Freely from Kiss.
 I did get a picture of his poster that was outside of his black tent. Mark would have liked to meet him, but I honestly was not that interested in spending my money on it.
Steve, Britt, Tango and Jason are shown in this picture.
I had a much better time meeting, as I have in the last two conventions I have attended, speaking with the members of the Ghost Hunters Team. My Taps hat has several autographs and they never once charged me for a picture of for their signature. In past years I have met Steve, Tango, Jason (who was suppose to be there, but we never saw him, and even Britt a cast member hadn't), Britt (who has been at all three, and this year I met Dustin, who has since retired from the Ghost Hunting team.
Britt was especially nice to talk to, he has been busy producing a few movies of his own, The Black Dehlia Haunting. Its nice to see people taking opportunities like his and making it into something.

Mary talked with him for quite a while, and scored herself a free t-shirt. Gavin made it impossible for me to stay in one place for very long, but I did get Dustin to sign my hat, and heard that he his enjoying retirement spending time with his family, and working as an inspirational speaker.

Ghost Hunters was once one of my favorite shows of all times. I just love the idea of Ghost's being real, and the show is great to get an inside view of what could be. My first trip to one of these conventions was simply to meet these guys. They have continued to be friendly and open to discussion. New season coming up. I can't wait.
At one point we took a lunch break at ate at the Turning stone Buffet.
Nothing beats pigging out at a Buffet. Plus I had a Free meal voucher and scored both my meal and Gavin's for only $10. 48. We ate well for that money.

Here's Alex giving his meal a thumbs up. And Gavin showing me his pretty face. (LOL)
 Of course we had to have FRENCH FRIES. Gavin added way to much cheese.
Mary brought us all fortune cookies and we took turns reading them.
Here is mine.
After a gut bustin lunch, we headed back to the convention. We learned about some of the local fall/haunted themed attractions upcoming in the area, spoke with a few area paranormal investigating teams, and Mary got some information about taking a investigation for the two of us. She is dead set on getting me into some old "haunted" building just to see me freak out.

Creepy Camp Crystal Lake- home to Jason from Friday the 13th. We got to meet a few more friendly faces like Michael Myers from Halloween, who decided to come after Alex.

 He handled it pretty well. A Scary Vampire Santa decided to take a bite out of Gavin.
and this skeleton guy made a move on him as well.

We even ventured into a small haunted house demo. The actual haunting will be held in Utica this fall for Halloween. It was scary just walking through this little area. I told one women my fears and she said there are lights that they give to people to hold and the creatures will not attack you if you are holding them. She inferred that these were often given to the younger kids who were a little bit fearful, not old women like me.
I can't remember the last time I did a haunted house, and I can't remember when I got so CHICKEN. I used to love these things. I remember taking my older kids to some pretty scary haunted houses, and can recall several times a chain saw was rushing me on some terrifying haunted hay ride. Maybe I will get my nerve up and go to one this fall. We will have to see.

Although I had never heard of the SteamPunk's Gavin had from watching the tv show Hero's of Cosplay. I asked the man what it was all about and apparently it is about the costume. Victorian based dress, with a futuristic addition to it. The Steam component has to do with the use of steam power (as this is what they had in the Victorian era) to drive their boats, or trains or what-ever as they took their adventures. Its really like adult dress up. The costumes were pretty neat, and we did take in a fashion show.
Here are a few of the pictures I got.

Most of the costumes had some type of gun and of course goggles, which we were told is because they are all travels of great adventures.
You could even purchase goggles and guns that were hand made by this guy at one of the vendor stands. They were NOT cheep, but pretty freeken cool.

We saw some weird stuff like these dead animals in jars.

and there were several vendors selling products for The Walking Dead. Gavin purchased a figurine, with hopes of scoring Bloody Daryl. The items were in mystery boxes and you had to take a chance on what you would get. He got a Zombie crawler. Disappointed but still cool. We tried to find a Daryl bobble head, but they were all sold out. I was tempted to buy one of them from the Games of Thrones, but it is so impractical to spend money on, I passed.
This creepy mechanical scare, I was convinced was a real person when I saw him from across the room. I dared Gavin to walk by him in hopes that it would scare him. He was actually just a mechanical character.
We purchased a few Walking Dead buttons. I got Daryl and Gavin got his dad, The Governor. Gavin did convince me to buy him these speakers that when you attach them to random items they get louder. They were pretty neat and not to bad for the price of $25-.
 Jack Sparrow allowed us a picture (for FREE), although Mary donated $5- for to help a child cause. She really is much better then I am.  

We got to see several costume vendors, and this evil Queen and her court Jester gave a picture.
Several of the costumes were amazing. I so wish I had the body to wear them. My favorite part of Halloween (besides the scary stuff) is getting to dress up and be someone else for a day.

If you were trying to keep yourself awake and ready for the nights festivities, there was always some coffee. I thought this was great.

We were all feeling pretty "Scared" out and decided to work our way towards the exit, when we caught a glimpse of the Ghost Busters car.

And Gavin got a chance to sit in the captains chair before our final departure.
Beam me up Scottie.
The convention lasts all weekend, and well into the nights. There are films running all day, and several stage shows and panels as well. Historically I have watched the Ghost Hunter Panel. This year we didn't do any additional add on's except the booths and the fashion show. Some of the evening events included, Horror Movie Trivia, The Friday the 13th Dance Party, Several world premier movie screenings, The Zombie Bash Party, Games, Scream competitions etc. If I was in my 20's this would have been one amazing weekend. Each year it has grown, and each year as we are leaving Gavin asks if we can go again next year. If they do it again, I cannot imagine missing it. Perhaps we can get a room, and Mary and I can steal out for one of the events ADULTS only parties.

Mary and I have a few movies we have decided we must see again or for the first time; The Exorcist (with the boys), The People Under the Stairs, and The Black Dahlia Haunting. Looks like some movie nights in our future.

I had a great time, although I was disappointed with the idea of YOU PAY $ or NO PICTURE. I really felt this was ridiculous. I get it for a professional picture and a signature, but having the Photo Police at your back was beyond annoying, and it really makes me quite sad that some of these "actors" are relying on their once famous status as income. I guess I would have hoped that the fact that so many people enjoyed your shows/movies that this would be enough for them, but I guess not. If your like me and you want to hold onto your last buck, you better plan ahead on who you want to grab a picture of and cough up the cash. We all still had an amazing time, and I will be more then prepared again for next years SCARE!