Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A return trip planned!

What is wrong with me? I took on multiple days of coverage this week and next! Crazy for the MONEY I guess, but it has limited me on my trip taking.....but not planning.
If you read my post of our Jellystone vacation, you might recall that we all missed several of the things offered at Niagara Falls due to the crowds. I have been holding on to the four remaining attraction tickets since and decided on Tuesday that we should take a trip back there to use the booklets and four remaining already paid for and will expire at the end of October admission stubs. These such attractions include the Cave of Winds, The Aquarium, The Niagara Adventure Theater, and The Discovery Center. I felt that we really had to get back there just to use the tickets. (I know I will be spending more money in the long run, but hey what ever, after all I am working more hours and making some money.)
After speaking with the adult male of the house, and making my own decisions, my first thought was a $52- 1 night stay in a 1 room cabin with no bathroom...but heat. My families idea was a two room cabin with a bathroom, heat, kitchen, and living room and one more day at $112- per night. Guess who won. So anyways I made reservations yesterday and we will be looking at a nice weekend at The Niagara Falls KOA with a bathroom, a KOA member ship card, the two dogs and a bill of $301-.
I am pretty excited to see how Riley will weather a vacation with our family as this will be his first and I am excited to have the opportunity to re-visit one of  NY's first State parks. It should be a great adventure, and we will only be 6 miles away from the park this time, so we might even be able to break up the day and come back in the evening to view the falls illuminated. Plus we get to go camping in the fall, and camping in the fall is my favorite. I was so disappointed that we were not able to get reservations for a Halloween weekend at either Jellystone, or Old Forge this year (they were completely booked) that I was pretty sure we would not be camping again until 2014. Although the KOA is not offering a Themed Halloween weekend, they still have the outdoors and the fun of fall surrounding it. (I'll have to get on the Halloween weekend for next year EARLY).
We will not be missing Halloween despite the booked cabins however, but instead we are getting tickets to Fright Fest at Great Escape. Another family favorite for another weekend in October.
For now, I will be spending this week working. I do have an exciting weekend coming up. Cazenovia's Homecoming is Saturday and Sunday the girls will be visiting for a day full of scrapping/crafting. Gee! When I started this blog, I thought I might be entering some thing maybe one a week, but our trip taking is EXTREEM. I guess you don't have to be living on the road to make your dream of seeing the USA a reality. I will just be taking it one State at a time, and apparently NY is a great place to start.